While we're at it, teach them to paint too 馃槃

@Gina Drilling walls and hammering nails. Can't get a better arm workout than that doing something for the home. Extra credits if the wall is concrete.

I had to do such an act two months ago to install a wall fan in the kitchen. Sedentary me hated it. Active me from the past would have loved it.

@Gina Good work! Bosch powertools are my favourite too.馃槑

A great skill to have. Always love the experience of potentially messing my home up with drills.

@Drezil I'm literally the only person in my friend group who knows how to use a drill. 馃槄

@Gina you sure that's got enough green in that blue? ;)

@basil it's still too blue, but alas the paint was already bought 馃槄

@Gina great, so if I need some work done here I'll call you 馃槈

@Gina I might be not in the loop but I thought 馃憦 meme is condensending. As in "wow look at you"

@Wraptile oops really? That's not at all what I associate it with, I thought of them as 'lets do this' claps.

@Gina My father who worked in construction and building painting never taught me anything as long as we though I was a boy but he's doing a great job catching up since the beginning of my MtF transition. I'm the proud owner of a drill very similar to the one on your photo and I recently replaced a leaky tap : )

@Gina Also, teach your sons how to cook. I'm 37 and I still struggle with pretty much anything that isn't camp food I made in Scouts.

@BalooUriza you're right! Anyone should be able to cook. Luckily there are loads of online resources to learn it, even later in life.

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