Yaaaas time for a classic night. 馃懢馃

@Armageddon I don't have the connector for it. Should really buy one, the white tv is 15 years old 馃槀

@Gina Oh hell yeah, I fucking love Rayman 2. Sorry for you that Europe didn't get it in the awesome green cartridge.

@Gina I see you've got a massive collection already, but have you heard about Ever Drives? You can play modded games right on an N64, breathes different life into the old friend.

@Gina lol took me some time and a brain core dump to realise there was a table there and the whole thing was not on the floor, or flying. Perspective!

@Gina Awesome 馃槏
Never had an N64 myself. I was dying for having a console. I had to wait to have enough money to buy a PlayStation 2 馃槩

@Gina And here I am with a crappy emulator 馃槀

@Gina I see you are a Woman of Culture, I am actually an guy myself

@Gina does that fit to your gender :p ... the time I played, the girls didn't care ... at least the ones I knew :)

@Benzene It's still so fun, and the graphics are surprisingly good for its time.

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