@Gina I recommend to share very personal things just with followers.

Background: public or unlisted content will be on your profile page. Ready for every one to be scraped. Sharing with followers only, will reduce this risk drastically and in best case not expose it to anyone outside of the fediverse.

In worst case, when there is some non-mastodon implementation that ignores the visibility, you are not off worse than with unlisted content :)


@sheogorath Thanks I'll take this into account for future posts, but at the same time I'm not sure if I care anymore. I don't know, I'm so tired of limiting myself to be a corporate-acceptable robot. A part of being human is openly sharing what's on your mind, that's what I like most about social networks.

@Gina @sheogorath that line between what you can and can't share to stay "professional" is so thin.

I have to be incredibly careful with what I say and how I say it, and also completely abstain from some subjects because it's just not worth the risk of my career.

Sometimes that means not correcting someone or even stifling healthy debate. It can be difficult.

Say no to professional robotism! 🤐

@gray @Gina Definitely agreed. But how comes you think a social media post could ruin your career?

@sheogorath @Gina it only takes one slip up. Something said in anger, a misunderstood comment. If your profile is somehow linked to your employer and even remotely portrays them negatively, they tend to want to cut ties.

You see it regularly these days with: x said y on platform x - company has let them go.

I just err on the side of caution and stay away from highly contentious topics 😄

@gray @Gina @sheogorath I know you, tnx for sharing. All you know about me is that I look like a cute rubberduck. But actually this account is controlled by a pure evil sadist, looking forward to meeting you afk.
Are you sure you wanna share so much?

@Gina for me it's mainly because I don't think every random stranger has to know my personal stuff. And especially those who I blocked.

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