is so cheap! First step: own this ridiculously expensive pan.”

@Gina 😆 I had the same experience. What kind of a recipe are you trying?

@Gina Ah! Is this for the "no knead bread"? I have been thinking about this for some time, but this pan held me back. I wonder if it can be done in a regular pan. I have the Sigg pans you could safe stamps for at AH, about 20 years ago. Brilliant pans, but no Dutch oven pan...

@Gina But gluten-free bread baking doesn't save much versus buying.

@Gina #FunFact, while the casting process of the #DutchOven was inspired by the #Dutch process of casting #brass into sand molds rather than loam & clay for a finer finish on the brassware, it was actually the #English #AbrahamDarby who developed and patented (in 1707) the 'Dutch oven' by replacing the brass with #castIron to cut costs.

So, 'Dutch' is merely a nod to the type of sand molds traditionally used.

Also, if you don't want to use one:

@FiXato steaming might be an option. I'm trying the helplines first though:

Mom: “yeah we inherited one from your grandma, I THREW IT AWAY years ago.” 💔
Friend 1: “hahahaaha like a Le Creuset? Do I look rich to you?”
Friend 2: “I have an oven and I'm Dutch, does that count?”

This is going great.

@Gina @FiXato meybe check out your nearest kringloop? I'v seen old cast iron pans that costs €100 new, sold for €3 at one of the local fleemarkets in my town.

@rsolva @Gina @FiXato you also tend to find quality cast iron cookware this way. The new cast iron stuff is kind of shit.

@Gina I do think that you can get a #braadpan for quite a bit cheaper if you check out the various charity shops.

Same with other #castIron skillets and pans. Though they likely need quite some cleaning and re-seasoning to get back to a working order.

(Though you might have to wait a bit till this #breadBaking craze has calmed down again, for them go drop in popularity and thus price again)

@FiXato Meh I'd like to do it right though. Gonna check the value of my kidneys on the black market real quick.

@Gina at least they should last you a lifetime if treated well. :)

@Gina We use something like this:

Fully ceramic and cheap. The dough is lowered into the hot dish using parchment/vegatable paper which we just cut to this shape with scissors.


Easy in - easy out.

@Gina one of the best purchases ever: I can cook almost anything in it, and being Italian that means a lot. Plus, it’s not so expensive if you think how long it will last compared to those other cheap-o pans...

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