“I know mint is an invasive species, but it's just one little mojito plant. What could go wrong?”

@Gina I keep my mint securely confined to a pot that it shares with a lime tree, and I definitely refer to it as my mojito pot.

@Gina I kept my mint in a pot with another plant, which quickly fell prey to it. Then the mint started to leave its pot and conquer new lands.

@turion I bet this is what happened to Kim Jong-un.

@Gina Well, you're lucky. Here, it doesn't grow :oh_no_blob: :oh_no_bubble:
(And now you have an excuse to drink litters of mojito 😁)

@AugierLe42e more importantly: how did you do that 'oh no' meme???

@Gina My server has the `oh_no_blob` and `oh_no_bubble` custom emojis (but I stole them from another Mastodon instance).

@Gina did you know there are lots of kinds of mint? I keep my favorites in pots: watermunt (extra spicey, the one used to make peppermint plants), gembermunt (extra tingle, perfect for tea), common mint (mojito).

I just went and bought a mint plant... only to discover that there's already mint that survived subzero snow and is now taking over my lawn.

I feel like I should be more concerned than I am... lots of fresh mint tea in my future! 💕

@Gina I really love that you call it a little mojito plant 😂
But yeah, that stuff grows where ever it wants to...

@Gina Looks lovely. I still have some mint in my garden between the huge rosemary bush.

What's next for you?

@lasombra mojito's, for sure.

Edit: Rosemary is a much better herb than mint. It's so nice in warm dishes, bread etc and you can use it in gin and tonic. Excellent choice.

@Gina I make sure my neighbour has some Mint & pick it through the fence.

@Horizon_Innovations that mint will soon travel over to your land, take over your house, assume your identity and raise your kids. It's pretty invasive.

@Gina yeah, we've moved a few times just to get away from it... just wait until I work out how to stop it without destroying humankind...

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