@Gina Managed a new personal record doing pushups today myself. Congrats!

@nvsr nice! Are you doing the push-up challenge?

@Gina awesome! I think my current best is around 7 minutes/km after my ankle injury. BTW the phone also has 62km/h but I think the software might have made a mistake?

@dch @Gina that sounds more like a GPS precision issue...

@held it is. A bit boring, but a good way to track progress.

@Gina when I start running I usually do the first kilometer as always and then, based on the current feeling, I decide where to run today (distance, elevation, type of track). What do you do if you accidentally feel so good that you don't want to stop when your round is over, but another full round is to long?

@Gina Your 600 pound life? Hopefully that was not meant serious :mastoflushed:

@Gina @codiflow if you run at that pace you do not have a weight problem. You might have issues with a distorted self image though.
In my glory days I thought anyone could do 10 km in 55 minutes. I have since learned that most people do not.
I have also learned that I start feeling fat long before I reach the average fat percentage of healthy people.
Long story short, save yourself some agony and cut feelz out of the equation. Let raw data speak and you will over time learn to accept that what you see and feel isn't the truth.

@qrsbrwn @codiflow I wouldnt say I have a weight problem. I absolutely love my body, but I've recently gained a few pounds and damn do you feel those while running. I'm trying to be more mindful of my eating now.

@Gina @codiflow good to hear. All I know is what I see you post here. It gives the impression that you think you have a weight problem.
I'm glad I was mistaken though.
Not being able to use your senses to get a correct view of yourself can wreck havoc. It took me 20 years to figure out what the problem was :)
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