My reaction seeing yet another rant about in my work IT channel.

We're now going to try with Matrix, and . In the mean time they can use Zoom and Skype.

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It will probably also not work for all the people, depending on the OS they are using... 😀

@manuelcaeiro well that's not very helpful then is it 😅

@Gina Or maybe Nextcloud Talk (the enterprise backend, that is) would be an option? Also, indico is a cool open source platform built by and used at CERN. They have videoconferencing capabilities too :)

@phel Talk is still painfully unstable, I'll check out the other suggestion.

@Gina Ok, correction on this one: indico doesn't provide videoconferencing, it only integrates into some other solutions...

@Gina #BigBlueButton was stable with 19 kids in a class, half of them having video and extreme loudness setting. #Free, #self-hosted.

@Gina Too bad to hear that. But thanks for finding out though so I don’t have to 👍 (not that it is a serious option at my workplace where #Jitsi was discarded as just some open source thingy)

@Gina Our college has been using BigBlueButton for doing online classes and it worked perfectly.

@Gina you miss some simple points:
- complaining about a central service can be compared and indicate a service problem
- complaining about performance of a decentral service has to be differed
-- the service software (client support etc)
-- the server power running the software
-- the exchange between instances when applicable...

So talking about bad performance of jitsi without stating the instance/server is useless...

@vinnl @matrix apparently it does. Matrix/Riot is off the list. We're deploying the latest version of Jitsi, hoping for improvements, and BigBlueButton.

@Gina Btw, if the problem lies with people using Firefox, hopefully in 1-3 weeks things should get better:

(Too little too late, but good to know, I guess.)

@Gina - otherwise I would recommend (buh!) and/or - both will cost you something and I know that your org is short on money.
For Webex that would be 13.- EUR per named user/host per month. If you don't need every user to schedule their own meeting but handle this through some assistants, then it might be a cheap solution with 1-3 named hosts.
I would also prefer a FOSS solution over Webex, but...

@Gina We've been using BigBlueButton at $WORK without any major issues that could be traced to the software itself. Shitty links on the end-user side are still a problem, but no software or service can help with that.

Plus the software has a built-in telephone bridge, which we have been using successfully.
@Gina BBB uses Freeswitch as (part of) its audio backend, so a full VoIP stack.

@Gina I don’t know if still using but we actually have big blue button integration also. Effort undergoing by our design team to build an even deeper integration. Call recording, etc

@geekgonecrazy Ooh that's good to know, thanks! I've actually never had any complaints about Rocketchat's Jitsi integration either, works well :)

@Gina I mean it’s basically an iframe so thankfully little moving parts 😁. We’ve had a few installs start using big blue button and I think it’s the difference between jitsi’s adaptive simulcast and actual video processing in big blue button.

I love jitsi’s concept of browsers sending a few streams up and a server getting to be dumb and just pipe the right resolution streams to users.. But I think users, browsers, nats and bandwidth are a lot of battles for a piece of software to face.

@geekgonecrazy That also explains why BigBlueButton requires a huge amount of resources compared to Jitsi. I mean 16G and 8 cores vs 4G and 2 cores.

@Gina exactly :( it’s a trade off. Depending on users the trade off might be worth it. I hope Jitsi being acquired by 8x8 a video focused company now instead of by atlassian that just wanted to the hands/experience to help them integrate in their product... means we the consumers will benefit. I think we will just going to take some time :)

@Gina Argh., That's frustrating. One thing that I've noticed with Jitsi is it's really dependent on the CPU capabilities of the machine. If you're on a Windows Surface Atom processor machine and start up another application you're going to have a bad time of it.

Also I wish Jtisi was better about sharing their secrets for how they get to be so smooth. I tried with my own Linode instance and it was similar to the complaints raised in that email.

@Gina Also they just released 2.0 last week but I haven't had a chance to try it. Might want to check the version that was installed and see if that might help.

@Gina (and I can empathize with your pain. Once folks get it in their head that something doesn't work it's hard to get them to switch back)

@craigmaloney @Gina I think they actually have a couple of presentations with details about how they have Jitsi stood up. A couple of years ago I met with Emil when they were still with atlassian. I believe the biggest secret is actually sharding. In the LB they use the room as the hash so all traffic for that room ends up on the same instance. This way they can scale up capacity behind the scenes and support more and more conferences


Thank you. I'll look for those presentations as I'm sure that's going to come up in my presentation next Tuesday. If you happen to have links handy I'd appreciate them.

/cc @Gina

@craigmaloney @Gina sweet you found it 👍 I meant to follow up today while I was at the computer but totally forgot. Thanks for following up with the found link will stash it away to hopefully find easier later :)

@Gina I know you're trying to go all open source but Zoom did just recently lift their 40 min limit for free accounts.

(I support Zoom/Webex for a living so it's a world I have to deal with.)

Good luck!

@Gina have you tried deploying the Jitsi Meet desktop app to users in trouble? That should prevent any browser caused issues.

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