@Gina Nice!!! I will try this out tomorrow, right away.

@Gina We tried their Etherpad integration during our online LUG meeting to exchange Links and Bash commands for our minutes and it works great.

@Gina the one I setup is integrated with etherpad. it works fine.

@adelorenzo could you perhaps send a screenshot of what it looks like? Would be super helpful!

@Gina here it's running on a browser on my cellphone. tomorrow I'll send you a screenshot of it running on my laptop.

@adelorenzo looks nice! I'm longing for the day that Nextcloud Talk becomes stable, so they can work together while videochatting, but for now this might also work.

@Gina I have the same opinion. Talk is cool but not half as good as jitsi. feel free to test.my server if you want. cheers

@Gina Etherpad integration is working for me now. It was a little trigger, because Jitsi Meet's config.js was broken above the position where I added etherpad_base (missing trailing comma after deploymentInfo: {}). After that was figured (Browser JS Console is your friend here), it worked like charme. The shared document toggle item is in Jitsi Meet's "More Actions" menu on the right, then.

@sunweaver @Gina If you‘ve never before worked with pads then this may seem a great solution, but Etherpads are not anymore. They‘re basically outdated and unmaintained and also plaintext. Meaning server admins of any instance can read and manipulate your text. They‘re not for anything confidential.

The much more capable, actively maintained, alternative is called CryptPad. It‘s free, libre, gratis, OpenSource and can be self hosted as well.
It‘s also zero-knowledge in the server, so admins…

@sunweaver @Gina cannot see anything of your content at all. You can have text pads (blue) with rich formatting and pictures, others called “code“ (yellow) for plaintext like source code or Markdown.
There‘s even spreadsheets with Excel and CSV import and export, presentations, poll, whiteboards and more.
Accounts are very handy and require NO personal detsils, but they‘re completely optional.

We host an instance at the @c3wien if you want to check them out!


Fir the

@sunweaver @Gina main project check out cryptpad.fr/ and if you‘re interested in running your own the sourcecode and good installation instructions are available in Github.

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