My reaction seeing yet another rant about in my work IT channel.

Yes I could have told them specifically that doesn't work in Safari, but guess what I was busy with:

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63% of 153 people have guessed right. 👌

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We're now going to try with Matrix, and . In the mean time they can use Zoom and Skype.

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@Gina When you're using Debian packages, there's a config file in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js which has parameters like OPTIMAL_BROWSERS and UNSUPPORTED_BROWSERS (see comment in the file).

All browsers not listed in OPTIMAL_BROWSERS will get a warning popup as they join a meeting. All browsers listed in UNSUPPORTED_BROWSERS will see a landing page that directs them to download a supported browser.

Warning: The file gets overwritten when the jitsi-meet deb is upgraded.


@Gina I have recently installed my own instance. With the DEB packages currently available from the stable repro branch, I really had difficulties with people who used Firefox. I upgraded to the package versions from the unstable repro and things work much better now.

@sunweaver @Gina indeed. Videobridge2 is more stable, eventhough it was released only a week ago.

Especially noticable with Firefox. Videobridge2 comes in the -unstable versions.

Make extra sure, however, you don't run both videobridge and videobridge2, that will break stuff severely.

@vc4all @sunweaver @Gina I think I can confirm this. I installed Jitsi just last Friday on a scaleway dedibox with just 2 cores and 4GB memory, and running a Tor bridge in parallel.
I was surprised how smooth the installation went, and how significant the improvement over the big hosted instances was. But that might explain it. Guess I got lucky that videobridge 2 got pushed to stable just before my installation.
Only tried with some 5 participants so far, but will report back later.

@Gina@fosstodon.orgI voted for daydrinking. Joe!

@Gina thanks for the info!

I've been trying to use jitsi for some community events and for personal use, but have a limited selection of devices to test from

it won't work for our open meetings due to lack of moderation tools, but it's been working great for private events

@Gina according to a friend Safari just got webrtc support this version

his testing still couldn't get video working, but audio did

Is there a mumble connector for jitsi? :)

I've asked for a URL on the new support, but haven't yet gotten a response

@Gina sorry, wasn't asking for information. Just passing on information in case it's useful to you

If it's noise, please ignore!

@FLOX_advocate No worries, it's not you. I just gained consciousness on the wrong side of the rest slab, sorry.

@Gina no worries. You seem to have so much going on I wanted to make sure you know I'm not asking for some of your time!

Have a great day!

Well past time for me to hit the rest slab.

@Gina It's just terrible, Jitsi only works properly with Chrome and somehow we're supposed to know that. It tends to just freeze for no reason and then you refresh, it works for a while but breaks for someone else who then refreshes and it breaks for you etc etc

I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to work reliably. Tried multiple instances, tried using the android app, etc etc. Argh

@Matter I got it stabilized by using the Jitsi DEBs from their unstable repo branch.

@Matter @Gina

What about chromium browsers like Brave or Vivaldi or is that crazy thinking that it might work with those. I am due to use it tomorrow but thought I might use the phone app.

Safari is a bag of hurt, the new internet explorer. But that shouldn't be a problem for end users. Have you tried the latest breeding edge version? A lot should have improved

@Gina 60% of the time, it works every time....

@Gina You got more people to vote in your poll than most American cities could.

@Gina Oh I know ... we have one or two people who refuse to move off of IE11 ... 😐

@Gina I'll refuse to comment too specifically with that one. 🙂

@boblmartens I mean, even Edge is a lot better than IE11, wouldn't they prefer that?

@boblmartens @Gina
LOL. Don't let me get started. 😄

I work with a great person, with impressive competence and insight. But he has a maddening allergy to change streak regarding computing. He continues to use totally obsolete methods when he could be so much more efficient if he were willing to adapt.

@Gina you should blacklist your work-related hosts/apps outside of office hours. :)

I tried to host a larger-scale call, but I think my internet connection just can't handle it.


Queue loads of people badmouthing it. I think the exact words were:

"Selfhosted crap."

Made me sad.

It will probably also not work for all the people, depending on the OS they are using... 😀

@manuelcaeiro well that's not very helpful then is it 😅

@Gina Or maybe Nextcloud Talk (the enterprise backend, that is) would be an option? Also, indico is a cool open source platform built by and used at CERN. They have videoconferencing capabilities too :)

@phel Talk is still painfully unstable, I'll check out the other suggestion.

@Gina Ok, correction on this one: indico doesn't provide videoconferencing, it only integrates into some other solutions...

@Gina #BigBlueButton was stable with 19 kids in a class, half of them having video and extreme loudness setting. #Free, #self-hosted.

@Gina Too bad to hear that. But thanks for finding out though so I don’t have to 👍 (not that it is a serious option at my workplace where #Jitsi was discarded as just some open source thingy)

@Gina Our college has been using BigBlueButton for doing online classes and it worked perfectly.

@Gina you miss some simple points:
- complaining about a central service can be compared and indicate a service problem
- complaining about performance of a decentral service has to be differed
-- the service software (client support etc)
-- the server power running the software
-- the exchange between instances when applicable...

So talking about bad performance of jitsi without stating the instance/server is useless...

@vinnl @matrix apparently it does. Matrix/Riot is off the list. We're deploying the latest version of Jitsi, hoping for improvements, and BigBlueButton.

@Gina Btw, if the problem lies with people using Firefox, hopefully in 1-3 weeks things should get better:

(Too little too late, but good to know, I guess.)

@Gina - otherwise I would recommend (buh!) and/or - both will cost you something and I know that your org is short on money.
For Webex that would be 13.- EUR per named user/host per month. If you don't need every user to schedule their own meeting but handle this through some assistants, then it might be a cheap solution with 1-3 named hosts.
I would also prefer a FOSS solution over Webex, but...

@Gina We've been using BigBlueButton at $WORK without any major issues that could be traced to the software itself. Shitty links on the end-user side are still a problem, but no software or service can help with that.

Plus the software has a built-in telephone bridge, which we have been using successfully.
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