Asking admins! We found a bug, has anyone experienced the same?

Issue: first user in the meeting is moderator. When a mod leaves the meeting, someone else is randomly appointed mod. However, the old mod connection keeps hanging, leaving a ghost profile. When mods re-enter a meeting often (which can happen due to a bad connection), you'll have a screen full of ghost profiles. When one of those ghost profiles gets appointed mod, you can't control the meeting anymore. See pic, A is a ghost.

@Gina I suggest joining the conversation here

As a workaround, does it help making mod a user with a stable connection ?

@paolog awesome, thanks for sharing.

We try to emphasize that mods need to have a stable connection, but with everyone working from home that can't be guaranteed.

@Gina Will definitely look for that. I believe I could always kick the ghosts.

@Gina I'm not a jitsi admin but I have also experienced this bug on a public server

@Gina not answering the specific question but 1) allmods prosody module is pretty helpful if the whole group is trusted, and 2) I've seen ghosts pretty often, especially after reconnects.

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