Do you know those video games where you walk around with a little lantern and slowly parts of the map start to light up until you get a sense of where you are? That's what it feels like being a selftaught . Except the map is never ending and sometimes randomly leads you into a ravine.

@Gina I relate to this so much. I've made so many mistakes, and I'm always learning something new.

It's really fun for me, though, and I've gotten pretty good at it. 😄
@Gina then add a little of LDAP
"It's a nightmare!" they said. But in reality it's worst than a nightmare…

@Gina So true 😂
But don't worry, it's the exact same thing if you happen to have a diploma in this field, because it covers 1% of the field, at best !
The map is never ending, but the journey is important, not the destination.

@Gina you will soon start seeing that every new thing you encounter is like something else you have seen. After that comes the realisation that every new thing you see actually IS something old you have seen before.
The main fight then is to not become the person that says "we tried that 20 years ago and it was a bad idea then too" ;)

@Gina At the same time, this is exactly why I love working in IT! I always feel there are so much to learn that it is scary ("i'll never be good enough") but also exciting to always learn new stuff … (at least for me ^^)

@bacardi55 that's true for me too, it never gets boring.

The same thing applies to developers. And to be hornest I would never be happy just shifting a stack of paper from the left to the right.

@Gina It's worse than that because even after you've been to a place on the map, if you go back to that place, sometimes the place has changed since the last time you were there. Basically the map is useless and you're just taking turns in a maze and hoping you're going in the right direction. Throw in a little sleep deprivation and away you go.

@Gina Just curious if you've started taking classes to remove some of the self-taughtedness?

@jason_s_dodd I try to do as many online courses as I can. Networking remains a grey area, where I still 'don't know what I don't know.'

@Gina Wasn't bashing. I'm self taught, too, and am planning to hit the books hard this year. Was just curious if you had. I haven't done as well on that front as I'd like in past years but this year my bosses are pushing it. Maybe that will help.

@jason_s_dodd it's hard though. Everyday I'm motivated to learn more. Then something breaks, giving the perfect opportunity to learn a lot while fixing it, but there's no time to look into it and fix it or rebuild it myself. So it's get send to our engineer for a patch and I promise myself to 'look into it later.' Which never happens. And that's how you never learn and get more and more anxious with every day.

@Gina I started my journey a few months ago, this resonates so well with me. Trying to learn but end up places I never thought!

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