Wow I just came back from my local supermarket. People are TENSE. All the canned food is gone, soup in bags are gone, pasta was gone, toiletpaper and hand sanitizer hoarded. panic seems to have reached .

@Gina When I warned my parents and coworkers early last months to prepare I got laughed at. 😞

I haven't checked AH IJburg yet, it was find this afternoon.

@Gina just toilet roll and pasta running low here. Everything else still fully stocked.


Really silly. Toilet paper is always locally manufactured and even if you didn't have any you could improvise.

@Gina @freemo In Soviet Union, we would not have had this prob— WAIT


Cant run out of food if you never had any to begin with :)


@Gina Where in Amsterdam? My impression is that walk and cycle supermarkets are okay, but car supermarkets only need a few panicked people to empty such products for a day.

@VictorVenema I was at a car supermarket earlier, that might explain it.

@Gina panic kills as much as the virus. And you are spreading it. Blocked.

@loweel hurdurdurr. Stupidity kills and you are hoarding it. Instance blocked.

Also paracetamol, but people leave the ones with coffeine lol

The same as coffeïne, in gives energy and distributes the paracetamol better

Duh my worsten vingers didn't make it caffeine again lol

@Gina Heres a photo of my pup Toby fast asleep if that helps at all.

@cavaliertusky so cute! 🥰 Jazz is doing the same thing rn. Maybe we should all post more to relax people.

@Gina I've been thinking about starting to make mondays a more fun day!

@Gina not sure how this causes stress. Was funny watching them splunk right in and regret it lol

@Gina People are in panic mode, It's really hard to find toilet paper in Dublin right now. It's crazyyyyy.

@lxsameer @Gina

Those items are all selling well in my part of the world, but aside from sanitizer they aren't running out yet. Does that mean I'm just time-shifted and will be where you are soon, and if so... should I go buy some more stuff? I know my spouse bought a more-than-usual amount of stuff we normally use but not enough that we're struggling for storage space in our little apartment.

It's entirely possible it's a very short-term issue from artificial spike in demand.

@john @Gina Personally I think It's gonna be ok, People are just freaking out right now. But it makes sense to buy some canned food and try to stay inside as much as possible.

@lxsameer @Gina

I'm going to be required to go into the office every other week, because my office (the largest office, HQ) hasn't had a confirmed COVID-19 case yet. The office that did has people working from home for nearly a week while they sterilize and then they come back.

My kids' school isn't closed because that particular school hasn't had a confirmed case yet. Another school in the district is closed for 14 days... We haven't sent them for the last couple of days anyhow. Fuck it.

@Gina Do you live there? (going to add you to my dutch people list if so)

@Gina Fairly small, just started it. Pretty much just anyone i follow that is Dutch.

@Gina in Italy this supermarket rage started two weeks ago and still goes on. Anxiety is widespread, yet most people don't understand nor apply even some basic social distancing.
It seems that here everyone just got crazy.

@Gina I've noticed some of the Norwegian supermarkeds have started putting up "max 3 item per customer" notices on some of their items

@Gina it seems as busness as usual in the eastern part of the country.

@Gina Who doesn't already have 6 months of provisions that they are rotating through?


@Gina apologies for the overly-specific question. My broader intent here was skew in availability of food types across foods with similar shelf life and nutritional value.

One of my motivations to do free software is to map and process this kind of data.

@Gina Check the slagerij, they have regular stocks around our parts.

@egret I went to the market, everything was fine (and cheaper!)

@Gina Rotterdam market is cancelled. Least small shops are still open.

supermarkets are empty because we empty them..

you don't need more than 2w supplies, that's a few cans of food, some flour, porridge and single pack of paracetamol/ibuprofen. if everyone got only that minimum for the case the get sick and quarantine, the markets wouldn't be that hard hit..

you shouldn't grab all you can just to hoard stuff..

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