@Gina Wait 9 out of 10 people or man? If people, women are biased against women?

@alex Probably women are also biased against women. Internalized misogyny is fairly normal in patriarchal societies.

@Gina im a little bit sceptic of this study: " Almost a third of men and women think it’s acceptable for a man to beat his wife."

Sorry, but i don't know any guy who would say that beating your wife is okay.

@blacklight447 @Gina while I don't personally know anyone who thinks that it is ok to beat your partner this is the norm in parts of the world. Just because things are better in some areas doesn't mean that there isn't huge problems elsewhere or that there isn't other places locally.

@blacklight447 Maybe not in your circles, but in most of the world married women are still considered their husbands property, to do with as he wishes. Besides that, domestic violence remains an issue in more gender equal countries as well.

The UN findings are based on the World Values Survey 2010 - 2014, you can look at the results here: worldvaluessurvey.org/WVSOnlin

Another in-depth article here: npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/

@Gina i guess i got to deep in my " the world is the netherlands" mindset.

@blacklight447 This is your/our social bubble I'm afraid. If you go a bit further east or south from NL you'll find societies where a violence between two unrelated people on the street is one thing, and violence between people in the same household is completely different thing, even though it's the same violence @Gina

@Gina “ almost half of people feel men are superior political leaders”
There must be people out there with super low opinions of women because I can’t think of any political leaders who make good political leaders lately. The bar is pretty low 😓

@rune This is why "We shouldn't use gender quota, we should just elect the best person for the job" always irks me the wrong way, because CLEARLY the best people for the job aren't being chosen right now.

@Gina gender quota is a tricky solution for me. It is a solution, mind you, but it has the potential to "lower the bar" in fields where women don't usually apply.

But on the other hand it's pure speculation that it would. And even if it did then it is likely temporary. Like if I am suddenly hired in a new job i never thought I could get I'm probably gonna need a little time to get up to speed.

@Gina also I'm now imagining Trump being denied the presidency on grounds of gender quota. And whether or not he'd fake a gender change to get it.

@danslerush It is, but luckily there's also a tiny bit of good news; gender equality in healthcare, education and the workplace is (very) slowly improving.


@Gina The thing is that there is so much to say to do, at every level, it's unbearable how slow the change is gonna come 😥

@Gina 75 countries is a broad view. I'd like to see more narrow.

@Gina also would like to see how many peoples views changed once companies enacted a release men from positions only women for now method. Some companies totally messed up trying to overcorrect the past several years.

@jordan31 Uh the way that that sentence is structured makes it very hard to understand what you mean. 😅

@Gina sorry been up since midnight. I'll try again later today after a nap

@Gina The results are probably even worse when you only consider men.


Oh c'mon. I'll just bet that study was done by a bunch of women.

</sarcasm> (<--'cuz Poe's Law, and Internet)

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