Day 1 of a 7 day water fast.

I've developed some unhealthy eating patterns lately, so I need a reset. I've done a 3 day water fast before. It went surprisingly well. I liked the mental clarity that came with it and feeling reconnected with my body again. I haven't experienced real hunger in a long time - I mostly eat out of habit or being bored. I'll be working out for the first three days, taking a break after that. Time to burn some reserves. 💪💪

@Gina are you not going to eat anything at all?

@epi only water, tea and of course coffee ❤️

@Gina coffee is nice, but i cannot imagine i could survive withot solid foods :ablobnervous:
@Gina enough for the whole week :blobooh:
and you are also going to do bouldering while fasting?

@epi only on Sunday. Bouldering is fairly low impact anyway.

Tonight I'm going climbing, tomorrow crossfit and weightlifting, but after that I'm taking a break.

@Gina And what about the ReGina cult based on portuguese pizzas ? 😜

@danslerush we'll start that as soon as I'm not a possible contestant for My 600 Pound Life anymore.

@Gina Ah ah ! I'm agree you have to move : the gravity is definitively wacky near you 🤔😅

@huxel yes to drinking (water, tea coffee), no to eating.

@Gina same but I'm not skipping out on dinner. Breakfast is tea though. Gotta get that 6pack ready for summer.

@Gina hope you keep us updated on effects (both positive & negative) as you go.

After a few days I go through waves of irritability, inability to focus, headaches, etc. Curious to hear what others experience and coping strategies.

@keverets I will. I'm excited about this experiment though. It's been interesting during shorter fasts to realize that hunger is just a feeling and nothing to worry about. It's nice not to constantly be preoccupied by thoughts about food.

Hey, I'm doing intermittent fasting, basically not eating for about 18hours and have been doing wonders for me, not sure I would be capable of such an extended fasting thoufg. Just out of curiosity, do you add any salt or other electrolytes to the water to keep you going during the whole week?

@dnegreira I used to do intermittent fasting 18:6 too and it worked really well for me. But then the unhealthy eating patterns snuck in and all of a sudden I was eating huge breakfasts, feeling bloated and overeating throughout the day. That's why I'm attempting this fast, to reset my habits. I'd like to do intermittent fasting again.

I'm reading up on adding electrolytes, but I don't think it'll be necessary yet for the first few days.

@Gina @dnegreira
I have similar issues. My problem is eating in the evening, in front of the TV. I've been doing intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast) for over a year.

Good luck!

@Gina Don't forget to take salt and vitamins. Stock is a good option to get some minerals with barely any caloric intake.


Cool to hear of others doing this.

Be aware, especially after a water fast, the first 2-4 days, food cravings are worse, self-control is harder, the urge to pig out is strong.

Basically, the first days after the fast can be harder than the actual fast was.

@Gina This is what I've been doing for a while. I cheat sometimes, but get at least 2 days a week. Thinking about doing a whole week sometime. Let us know how it goes!

@Gina You know what? I'll eat tonight with some friends and join you. These things are easier to do with others🙂

@daniel haha really? That's cool, how long were you thinking?

@Gina 7 days, I'll get a good breakfast on leap day. I've only ever done 4 consecutive days before. How are you feeling?

@daniel Fine really, don't feel a noticeable difference yet. I imagine it will get hard from day 3/4.

Feel free to join me, but do check if your health allows it and if the timing is right :)

@Gina I won't do anything I feel to be unhealthy. We should send each other pictures of delicious looking food to test our resolve haha

@Gina I tried a couple times, but around day 3 or 4, I start having shortness of breath and heart palpitations. I also tried with electrolytes but had the same issues. Hope yours goes better.

@Gina are we talking about nothing but water for a week here? Surely that can’t be good for you.

@kev supposedly it has all sorts of health benefits. We'll see :)

@Gina @kev If it works, please let me know, I am fighting my eating habits as well (and my weight....)

@Gina I'm also anxious to hear how this goes. I could see where it could be beneficial or detrimental. It's not something I've tried before.


@mike @Gina @kev there's a reason most major beliefs/religions have fasting as part of their rituals ... it's actually more unnatural that we're over fed .. we didn't evolve having 3 meals a day:)

@mike @Gina I’ve don’t intermittent fasting in the past, when I used to lift weights. But I’d keep my cal count below 500/day so I still had something.

I don’t think I could ever go a full week.

@kev @Gina I've never really done it to be honest, but I feel like if I did, it would be easier for me to go all the way. I'm not good with moderation.

It's probably much better for you to just reduce your calorie intake a bit, but do it permanently. Or even better, exercise.

Aerobic exercising helps you lose excess weight (low intensity burns fat, high burns carbohydrates), it builds muscle and can be crazy fun if you find what's right for you. It's a win-win situation!

I'm sorry to say it but these short lived endeavours are rather pointless. Doing a little your whole life is superior to doing a lot for a short while.

@kev @Gina

@kev @Gina
There are vitamins that can be stored as fat but vitamin C is NOT one of them. You will ruin your immune system. At least get some of your water from eating 1 orange a day.

@murtezayesil @kev I doubt you immediately run into a vitamin C deficiency from a few days of not eating. Plus, eating something with natural sugar, which will spike your glycemic index, defeats the whole purpose of a fast.

@Gina @kev
You have a point too.
I am sick right now and I feel like everybody will get ill as soon as they avoid something.

Hope this fasting plans works for you. Though I recommend 21 dates/day diet. Dates have good amount of fiber, no fat and variety of vitamins and minerals.
Dates + water will leave you with no deficiency in terms of nutrition.

@Gina keep going, from your words it feels like a very powerful way to take back control. Let us know how you're doing in the next days! 💪🥤

@Gina When I read "water fast" I thought you meant "no water", and was concerned until I realized you meant "only water". Now I am less concerned.

@Gina I wish you luck! I've been fasting for a few years now intermittently. Most I've gone is 28 days. May be a good idea to get some electrolytes in the form of taking pottassium, sodium, and magnesium. Definitely lots of head clarity and a big boost of energy will come your way. Here's a post I made with my milestone:

@Gina Also, the biggest mind over matter trick I can give you to endure is to just keep yourself busy.

@darthwayne 21 days?! Damn, that's insane.

Do you perhaps know how to best take electrolytes? Are there supplements for that?

@Gina I take some himilayan salt, potassium complex, and magnesium tablets, usually just once a day. You should be able to find these all at your local grocer.

@Gina I wish you good luck and support you!

I would like to do a one week fast but since I turned vegetarian about 2months ago, I'm concerned about lacking vitamin or something else
(I totally don't know how to have a proper diet)

Your goal is fat burning? :thinking_cirno:

@Gina does that app really help? curious as I'm really bad at fasting. What I need is a giant lock or python strangling the fridge, ideally the whole kitchen.

@dch it only helps as a visual aid. Ultimately you have to do it yourself.

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