My neighbors keeping the neighborhood interesting.

@Gina they should use microwave screen mesh instead, so they can still look out their windows and get a little light in.

Absolutely not, light is an electromagnetic wave, it's dangerous ! 🤔

@thomas @Gina It's okay! Humans can have a little electromagnetic wave, as a treat.

But, according to my unified theory of electrogravitomagnetism, humans work best at around 1g. Going up to 5G is waaay to heavy, and would cause untrained humans to black out.

I have a quote and a link as proof:
"A human being usually blacks out at about 5g (5 times that of Earth's gravity) of acceleration."

@Gina Higher frequency have less penetration. 5G is safer than 2G. Don't know why your neighbors have such an idea.

@gxtony @Gina in the Netherlands there is a certain group of people freaking out over 5G for some reason.

@ff0000 @gxtony @Gina
Well, also in Italy. Probably everywhere around the world.

@ff0000 In North America, it's basically because the only real player on telecom equipment for 5G is Huawei's Chinese spygear.

@gxtony @Gina
Less penetration means that you absorb more. Being close to a 5G antenna is more dangerous than to older ones.

@gxtony @Gina Hmm the penetration increases at very high frequencies though... (Grabs chunk of ⁶⁰Co out of pocket)

@gxtony @Gina Higher frequencies have increased penetration, which explains why you can see bones in an x-ray image but can only see superficial subdermal veins in an infrared one (from reflection lighting, because the human body really is 'opaque' to IR light).

@Gina oh no. This is exactly what my dad keeps going on about

@Gina I'm actually thinking of doing that, except around my devices directly – I don't like the idea of arbitrary objects around my house being bugs and not even going through my WiFi to do it.

I don't have physiological safety concerns about 5G; the energy isn't enough to heat up my brain, and if it can survive an MRI (and remain conscious!) I don't think electrical interference from such a weak source is going to be a problem. It somewhat bemuses me that some people do.

@Gina More and more people starting to do crazy stuff. xD

@Gina I'd totally raise an antenna in the garden just to wait for their reactions.

…unplugged - of course :awesome:

@Gina the perfect cover for a marijuana farm, I'd say.

@Gina I recently had to explain to a family member that 5Ghz WiFi is not the same as 5G so the high speed WiFi in my house doesn't harm them. People being uninformed or worse, half informed, is such a dangerous thing.

@nvsr lol I can sort of see how they got that confused but just wow 😅

@Gina Unfortunately, there's a strong anti-rational trend going on right now. People prefer to believe any bullshit they read on Russia Today rather than engineers and scientists...

@matrix @Gina Hm it should pass through the glass fine unless it has a conductive film. Somewhat doubtful whether the foil actually works...

@Gina if I saw that I'd assume they had a weed grow room set up!

@Gina "Adres niet gevonden" 😎 👍

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