"Ooooh I'm going to write all about our adventures. Anything one would need to use in a business setting. Useful and important info about things like infrastructure, costs, planning, etc!"

*starts writing first post*


@Gina Where is this? I sympathise very much with your first three paragraphs, and I want a Paint-like!

@wizzwizz4 Stay tuned for my beautiful website. As soon as I figure out how to remove a banner and change some other css stuff, I'll word-vomit all our FOSS adventures into posts and share it here :)

I like that word, word-vomit. I'll borrow that at some point

@Gina i am interested in what you have chosen to be your happy ending in this story.

Ok, now I'm officially a fan.

And maybe relate also a little bit with a drunk 5 year old ufo enthusiast.

@sunweaver Pinta is definitely a reasonable option for this kind of thing.

Think out of the box, open that photo in whatever it shows, grab the screenshot tool and select what you want to see :-)

@blacklight447 @Gina There are several programs that think of themselves as Paint clones.

@Gina @datenteiler

Nostalgia for MS Paint? It is a bad copy of Mac Paint! Deluxe Paint is the only standard that I can accept. DP is the painting program that many have copied but nobody surpassed. #AMIGA #nuffsaid

@Gina @datenteiler

It certainly feels that way. I was using DP religiously as a teenager and in all those years I never found a painting program where I could get the same results without fighting against the user interface all the time. Gimp is not the worst offender, but it is pretty exhausting too.

@bitnacht @datenteiler Gimp is without a doubt the worst offender though.

@Gina @bitnacht @datenteiler

It's a pretty harsh interface. My daughter seems to like Krita, but I've only used it a couple times. I rarely have a need to do big graphic projects. IIRC I used it to replace a greenscreen with another photo or something.

@Gina is Tux Paint a worthy alternative to MS Paint ?

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