Had a debriefing with one of our senior program managers about . She works directly with all the feminst groups that could benefit from a platform about our journey and implementations. We're excited about setting something up, but we need to find time, allies and resources.

Needless to say, our IT intern makes any meeting better.


Related challenge: finding funds to get me to the Internet Freedom Festival (april 20-24) this year. A lot of our grantees and allies will be there, would be super useful. Unfortunately there's zero budget for anything here :(


That's what I'm getting at. If you're allowed to self fund it, maybe we can send you.

@Tayo ahhh like that. That would be great, but I think I first have to evaluate what we need. For the FOSS platform it's mostly time and expertise. I think that a trip to the Internet Freedom Festival should just be funded by my employer.

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