I took a look at Linux Academy, but so much of it is aimed at learning AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Are we the last selfhosters? :(

@Gina what are you wanting to self host? Im not sure what Linux academy offers but might be worth a look.

@jordan31 Nah just thought I'd check out what skills I could polish and if it would make sense to get a Linuxacademy subscription for work.

@Gina I just realized I suggested Linux academy lol. Damn I need sleep.

@Gina yeah lol sorry. I was having a (wait for it...) blonde moment.. :D

Do you run your own Kubernetes or Docker or anything like that?

@dublinux Nah not even, was just looking if I should sharpen my skills a bit. Not that it matters, by the time I've learned how to use Kubernetes there will already be some other hip microservices orchestration platform and frameworks that I'd then have to learn.

@Gina @dublinux I work with Kubernetes at my job. If you’re not “web scale,” then you should be asking yourself whether you really need it, in my opinion.

@Gina @dublinux

Yea, it's a bit daunting. - I mean, I know how to do a little bit here, a little bit there... But none of the stuff that I want to do, I know enough of, or have the confidence to market myself as a competent tech of x y or z...

@Gina We switched from our self-hosted Kubernetes to AWS last November :(
To be honest I find this SaS takeover really disturbing for many reasons.

@Gina no you are not 😅
But the main focus is outside the own DC and so you will find more tutorial for commercial stuff.

The back of a punk jacket made an impression on me as a kid - "only dead fish go with the flow".

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