wanted! I'm looking for video editing software for Linux. Does anyone have experience with this?

@Gina Not sure how advanced you want your video editor to be, but kdenlive fills my needs :)

@trawzified I'd rather have a program with more features but a steeper learning curve than something simple, if that means I can use it for a longer time. I'll check out kdenlive!

@Gina I think kdenlive is a little in the middle, you can do a lot of tricks with it but it isn't a full Premiere / Vegas Pro

Have you seen OpenShot, @Gina? There's Avidemux too.

Olive editor, still young but by far the best around

@Gina I tried pitivi and kdenlive, and both felt like you have to precisely know what you are doing on order to use them (I used to use adobe premiere before). Very not intuitive imo.

@Gina - apt-cache search video editor shows this...

If you found one, please report back... would be good to hear about pro/cons for your choice...

@Gina I do all my video editing with Blender's built-in non-linear video editor (mostly game trailers and stuff these days)

I have, and I don't remember what I used... I think it was OpenShot.
Most all do what you need to do, it's the special effects that takes a little time figuring out.
I think @klaatu has used Blender for video and audio editing.

@Gina recently used flowblade. Was preatty easy to start with and did not crash every 5 minutes which is a good sign. Dunno what you need it for.

Blender, kdenlive are ones you probobly have gottwn rwxpmended. I am just gonna mentipn this one eve if it is not foss, but davonce resolve feom black magic is quite powerfull and from what i underatand there dose exist an offical linux veesion of it

@Gina iirc @unfa is quite active in this area and should be able to make great recommendations :)

@unfa @sheogorath whoa I think I've seen your YT video about Kdenlive vs Olive before. Cool stuff!

@Gina There's also Cinelerra in a few different incarnations. Not the easiest program to get into, but very powerfull.

@Gina Came across this article last year when I was looking myself: Has a detailed rundown of the major options.

Kdenlive is the one I personally favor and have used the most. Shotcut is nice too—though it definitely has a "ceiling," as the article mentions.

What will you be editing? I used Kdenlive to make my MFA thesis films as well as a more recent music video project (all up on my YouTube channel), so if you have any specific editing questions, happy to try to help!

@Gina there is Kdenlive. Alternatively, there are Flowblade, OpenShot, and Pitivi. Somebody said to me Cinelerra is the best among those all. To create effects, there is Natron. You can see Kdenlive at and Natron at

Kdenlive. Check out Arkengheist channel on youtube where she explains how to get the best out of Kdenlive - you can do amazing things with it.


I can recommend @blender for video editing. Not so easy to start with, but you can do loads of things!

Cinelerra also looks interesting, I haven't tried it yet tough because Im quite OK with Blender at the moment.

@Gina Shotcut is pretty good. It's not the most feature-rich yet, but it's free and relatively easy to use. Highly recommended.

@swashberry @Gina +1 for Shotcut, very active development, including more complex filters, and a lot more intuitive than kdenlive. Otherwise Blender is probably the most advanced oss tool there is.

@victorhck @Gina it has. And I love its ability to render in the background. We use it for all #fossnorth editing. Works like a charm!

@Gina @e8johan @victorhck I need to check kdenlive next time I put some video together. Last time I used it I had to save at every operation because it woudl constantly crash (thats when I ended up just useing Blender).

@muppeth @Gina @e8johan yep! but now has improved a lot. Not only with new effects, new UI, but also stability!

@Gina I've used kdenlive successfully for a few of my music videos, but I have to admit I haven't tried OpenShot or Olive yet, which are supposed to be pretty good as well.

@Gina I didn't see the following in the thread:

Natron (compositing)

@Gina I use shotcut for my video editing and can recommend it. I used to use VegasPro when I was a Windows nerd back in the day and shotcut is similar to it... sort of.


I've done work with shotcut and found it pretty solid.

@Gina I use Kdenlive for nearly everything, from short films to ad spots and even an upcoming [indie] feature. It's really the best tool for the job, but asset management is crucial.

This 6-part series still mostly applies:

Other tips & tricks:

Alternatively, there's Da Vinci: it's not open source but has the advantage of being cross-platform, in the event that you're working with more than one editor.

@klaatu @Gina I always end up turning to Kdenlive. (For other proprietary cross-platform tools, in addition to Da Vinci, there's also Lightworks.)
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