update. The last Mac standing just broke down, so I can finally give this user a Linux Mint desktop. 🎉

I hope will be a good Photoshop alternative for her.


I second that.

If I remember correctly, there's even a custom skin that can make #gimp look like photoshop

@Gina It depends. Krita is more tailored towards drawing whereas GIMP would be better suited for image manipulation.

There's also Glimpse, a fork of GIMP that I use. Interface sits better with me than GIMPs.

Krita is for digital painting, it cannot replace Photoshop for most things.

I don't have a good advice. Photoshop workflows are hard to replicate on software like GIMP. If someone is really used to Photoshop the best advice I would have is to run Photoshop in a VM. Relearning everything from scratch in GIMP is possible but takes massive efforts.


I can also recommend a combination of Krita and GIMP to replace Adobe's Photoshop. However, to ease the transistion for people used to Photoshop's UI I suggest using these themes ( ) as they use similar icons and the dark theme is easier on the eyes than GIMP's defaults...
GIMP also has fantastic docs and tutorials in many languages to get someone started:

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