update. The last Mac standing just broke down, so I can finally give this user a Linux Mint desktop. 🎉

I hope will be a good Photoshop alternative for her.


I second that.

If I remember correctly, there's even a custom skin that can make #gimp look like photoshop

@Gina It depends. Krita is more tailored towards drawing whereas GIMP would be better suited for image manipulation.

Krita is for digital painting, it cannot replace Photoshop for most things.

I don't have a good advice. Photoshop workflows are hard to replicate on software like GIMP. If someone is really used to Photoshop the best advice I would have is to run Photoshop in a VM. Relearning everything from scratch in GIMP is possible but takes massive efforts.

@boilingsteam @Gina i don't think one should try replicate the exact workflow. Learning gimp is not hard if you set the gui to single window mode and read/watch some tutorials first, so you get an idea of how *gimp* works. If they just try to use gimp to learn it, coming from photoshop, they will find that very frustrating b/c they will be trying to do things like phototshop does it. It can be a replacement as far as feature set, but is not an attempt at a 1 to 1 clone. The user should understand that from the beginning to keep their hair.

but yes, gimp is the closest equiv to photoshop, especially for the image editing functions. my understanding is that krita is for painting/drawing. Inkscape is the illustrator equiv.

i hope it works out.

@ITwrx @Gina
I would also add that GIMP's UI/UX choices are quite frustrating when you come from Photoshop. There are clearly many cases where "the way Photoshop does things" is simpler/easier compared to GIMP. There are probably reasons why GIMP can't replicate them the same way (patents? lack of UX designers in GIMP's team?) but that has not improved significantly over the years.


I can also recommend a combination of Krita and GIMP to replace Adobe's Photoshop. However, to ease the transistion for people used to Photoshop's UI I suggest using these themes ( ) as they use similar icons and the dark theme is easier on the eyes than GIMP's defaults...
GIMP also has fantastic docs and tutorials in many languages to get someone started:

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