Now that we have American presidential candidates normalizing the idea of owning your data like personal property, I wonder how the project ( is doing?

@Gina I was wondering, too, a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't find anything new, though. still appears to be "in the making" to me, in a sense that they're not really ready to do a big public push. However there are a couple of example applications..

@Gina I'm all for owning and controlling our data but not for selling our data because that would be ethically wrong. It eventually would corrupt us. Besides Mastodon and the Fediverse in general prove that we can own and control our data without selling it. Other (and IMHO better) projects for owning and controlling data are , and .

@ericbuijs @Gina I agree that selling our own data could corrupt us, but basically you would have a choice to sell or not to sell.

@marjan @Gina Since selling data is about privacy and who you are. I therefore consider it the same as selling a kidney. I suppose you can do it but it's unethical.

@ericbuijs @Gina Anyway I would not even think about selling out my data myself, apart from what I already "sold" out unknowingly. BTW #freedombone looks promising. Only problem I see with a homebased server is the protection of your data...

@marjan @Gina I think that @bob, the developer of Freedombone, is better qualified to answer that.

@ericbuijs @marjan @Gina @bob If defending data is your concern then it doesn't get better than on a machine in your home which you control. If it's something in a warehouse then you don't know who has access to it and it may be vulnerable to spectre exploits.

@Gina Extremely bad idea. It's just another form of 'Privacy for Sale', only this time you're supposed to get money for it instead of others making money off of you.
It will result in exploitation of poor people who will be forced to sell their personal data just to make ends meet.
Violations of privacy should be trialed, not legalized.

I've made a long thread about this, but it looks like that was on :birdsite: and got deleted along with my profile.
Somewhat related:

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