This is officially the best graphic that explains how works.

@Gina I personally like picturing the public key as a padlock better. But destilling the asymmetric encryption down to a easy to understand image is hard.

@Gina Yeah, but there might be a troublemaker squirrel doing a man-in-the-middle attack.

@Gina Is that supposed to be the CIA who put a keylogger on your system? 🙂

@Gina Somewhere around here I have a signed copy of the PGP users guide from the mid 90's when we all were running it under MSDOS. Phil spoke at a local library and we went to hear him speak.


I always imagine a public key already being a safe, the case where you put stuff inside, and the private key is the key to open that safe.

@Gina Nah! You just wanted to get more cat and dog images onto Fosstodon. 🙀🐶

That graphic is ridiculously unrealistic. There is no way a cat would say hello to a dog.


@normandc @Gina my cat literally treated the dog as a babysitter when she had kittens XD

dog walks into the room, cat notices, and just walks off while the dog hung out with the kittens XD

@gaurdianaq @normandc that's so cute. Also, you know you can't just casually mention kittens without posting a picture right? Kitten tax please :)

@Gina @normandc I mean they're not kittens anymore, and I don't have any pictures of them when they were kittens, but I can give adult pictures XD

@Gina @normandc Also have an African Grey parrot... but he's kind of a jerk a lot of the times recently... :(

@gaurdianaq @normandc To be fair, most if not all parrots are jerks 😅

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