If I got a euro for every time someone says to me how rare it is to see a woman work in IT (2 euro for "and they usually look like trolls!") I could finally hire another female sysadmin. 🎉 🧙‍♀️

I'm putting a jar on my desk.

@Gina There was a podcast by the April foundation recently, if you understand French I recommend it. Not specifically about IT, more about programming, but still the same idea:

I hadn't really thought about this, I thought it was the kind of thing that would get better over time, but they talked about some kind of vicious cycle where women are spooked by the lack of women in conferences and such things, which makes it so there are less women, ...

@Matter Oh interesting! I wish my French was at listening-to-podcast levels, but I'm afraid it's still at awkwardly-order-the-wrong-sandwich levels.

To be fair, I've been to a lot of IT conferences, and never felt out of place or unwelcome. Aside from one assignment at my previous job ("Gina you do the CSS, making stuff pretty is something women are good at" - lol I was not) I don't think I've ever experienced overt discrimination, just lots and lots of clumsy remarks. 😅

@Gina I meant: Next time one would hire a man, of course. Regular staff, you know. 😉

@Gina when I was studying IT there were only 2 girls in my class for like 20 guys

@Gina I've seen a plenty of women at my workplace (I work in IT), and they look just fine.
Fuck misogynistic pricks who call women "trolls".

@dtluna Yeah that last part always gets me, it usually goes something like "I shouldn't say this (HINT: NO YOU SHOULD NOT), but you don't often see a woman in IT and when you do they are usually more masculine types or super weird / autistic, you know?" No I do not know, buddy. I've literally heard this said multiple times. I honestly never know what to say, especially since I need the vendors on my good side to get non-profit discounts.

@kari Apparently it's SO rare that it must be commented on by literally EVERY male representative ever from vendors we work with.

@Gina oh, I see...well you are doing a real good job 🙃 I"m not really into that but I really like it😅 😊 🍀

@Gina I must confess I used to say it too. I owe you few euros.


@Gina you should see what it's like as a truck driver, especially a septic tank truck. Can't tell you how often I get "last time, it was a *woman* who came by to empty the tank!"

And I'm like "yeah that's my coworker. She competes in arm wrestling and can probably bench press *me*".

They usually shut up then.

@kungtotte Lol a few months ago my dad actually interrupted my mom mid-call with me, to tell me that a WOMAN MY AGE had driven a cement truck to their construction site that day. She had parked the truck and then poured the cement. A woman! And she was my age! She was really nice too, had been doing it for a year now. She poured the cement really well. A woman! And it was a big truck too! The world is really changing huh.

Let's just say I found it a bit too endearing to be mad :')

those 2 euro rate is usually where i start to have some of those employer to employee talkovers...

@Gina it kind of drive me nuts when people make a big deal out of it. Like your changing the world or something. Like dude, she is capable, qualified, and human. Its the same when I see female mechanics, some people are so caught off guard by that. Like really. I went to trade school with women that are better autobody and rough framers then some of my male class mates.

@Gina BTW its 630am and I havrnt slept so sorry if this sounds kind of harsh or directed at anyone. My brain has been turned off since 4pm yesterday lol. Hopefully no one reads this Tue wrong way.

@Gina haha define ok. I'm functioning enough to walk and but actually thinking is out of the question :D

and hey, because you hire female sysadmins, you can hire 2 for the price of 1, right? 😏

How much does "she must be sleeping with the boss" or "you're the secretary, right?" go for these days?

@Gina Most guys are just really happy about a healthier mix. Haters gonna hate!

@Gina We're nearly outnumbered 2:1 by women in our IT/POS department!

@unicornfarts uhm what does POS stand for in your company? 😅

@Gina 😆 Point of sale, not the other thing! The POS people make sure all our stock scans with the right pricing at the registers, manage weekly sale changeovers within those systems etc.

@Gina POS being the 'front-end' of the IT dept.. dealing with things that directly interact with customers. The others being the 'back end.'

Now I feel like I'm just trying to make potty jokes.

As a long-time veteran (old) IT guy, I hope that more women enter the field. I try to get my daughter interested in it, but she doesn't share the passion, unfortunately.

@duponin at what kind of landfill do you work that you don't have a desk in the office?

@Gina lockdown home-office…
And our office starts to be over crowded, we are actively (really) searching a new office
I just have to wait until September to stop home-office :cirno_sip:
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