update, I'm trying to install 3CX today, using a bare Debian VM. Spent an hour in dependency hell and now nginx isn't working.

Imposter syndrome +1.

@Gina Mondays are lovely! Last Friday I lost like 6 hours because I used commas instead of colons in one config file. And forgot to run the tool that was needed to read that file so I had no chance for an error message :)

@Gina Installed #cozycloud on the weekend. Don't even bother with the "stable" branch and save yourself a lot of pain. Haven't seen such a bad documented piece of software in years. Run into "bugs" closed over 12 months ago! I'm not using Arch but damn, that #ArchWiki really saved the day [again] #WorkingOutLoud

@Gina It's a thing, yeah. Mostly on Twitter tho. My wife picked it up during one of her meetups.

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