Me: "Almost 500 people follow me on Mastodon!" 🎉

Coworker: "You could have had 300K followers on Twitter by now."


@Gina What a statement: You could have 299.500 Nazis following you, why wouldn't you want this? 😂

@sphinxc0re Meh, being blonde and blue eyed nazi's generally left me alone on Twitter. Incels however..

@sphinxc0re Dunno, the rape and death threats got old really fast.

@Gina Oh, yeah, sorry, I totally forgot about the misogyny that comes with Incels...

are you still active on twitter?

@sphinxc0re Nope, although lately I've been thinking about setting one up again. Unfortunately there's still a lot of valuable IT news found there. How about you?

@Gina I was barely using Twitter when I still had an account. Mastodon made the medium a lot more accessible to me somehow. But yeah, for some reason other peoples Twitter timeline always kinda looks more interesting than my Mastodon feed 🤷‍♂️

@sphinxc0re @Gina They will also look more interesting than your Twitter feed: the trap with such comparisons is that you won't ever notice millions of things that are way more boring than your own feed, but the one or two outstanding specimen become the standard you aim for.

@Gina FYI I use a crossposter so my fediverse posts appear on my Titter account (I have it set so those with @mentions don't get crossposted). That way folks still there can still follow and boost my posts without me having to login and interact with it.

@sphinxc0re I'm embarrassed to admit its such a set-and-forget thing I can't remember off the top of my head. I'll check and get back to you. But if you can check out the results, my handle there is 'danylstrype' as 'strypey' was already taken.

@Gina @strypey @sphinxc0re
Using #Twitter gives TWTR power. Some of us cannot or will not use Twitter. If you mirror all your posts on Twitter, you become part of the problem by failing to give ppl a reason to step outside of twitter.

@Gina @strypey @sphinxc0re
Note as well that twtr is #tor-hostile & often forces users to supply their private ph# to Twitter. By putting content on twtr, you become an enabler by which ppl are pushed into mass surveillance & needless over-sharing of data.

@Gina @strypey @sphinxc0re
I suggest creating an idle twtr account with the sole purpose of telling ppl where your Mastodon page is. If you must reply to a twtr post, then reply in your #mastodon acct & make the twtr response strictly a link to the mastodon reply so they must leave twtr to read it.

@resist1984 The only reason I crosspost on Titter is because some people are already choosing to be there, regardless of how much I've advised them against it (to the point of being annoying). Also, because why marginalize ourselves by only posting our stuff within our own small bubble? #POSSE TFW! If you look at my Titter feed (which you can do with JS disabled), you'll see I proudly emphasize that I mainly post on the fediverse and encourage others to join us here.
@Gina @sphinxc0re

> Some of us cannot or will not use Twitter.

Excellent. So you can follow we in the fediverse.

> If you mirror all your posts on Twitter, you become part of the problem by failing to give ppl a reason to step outside of twitter.

How will not knowing my posts (or the fediverse) exist at all give people a reason to step outside of Titter? There are much betters to migrate from T to the fediverse than 'to be able to read Strypey's stuff'
@Gina @sphinxc0re

When you post to twtr, you add value to that repressive #centralized monopoly. It's socially irresponsible to feed & empower that #walledgarden. Twtr has the power & marketshare that it has b/c of ppl making the same decision as you.

@Gina @sphinxc0re


> There are much betters to migrate from T to the fediverse than 'to be able to read Strypey's stuff'

This is like saying "my vote is too small to matter so I why vote at all?". Large numbers of ppl w/that same mentality is why #Trump is in power. Collectively this rationale is harmful.

@Gina @sphinxc0re

@strypey @Gina @sphinxc0re

Indeed it would help more if celebrities would move to #Mastodon without mirroring back to #TWTR, but then the compromise on a large number of followers of Snowden, for example, is more sacrifice than one user will accept. So the vicious cycle perpetuates.

@strypey @Gina @sphinxc0re
I'm not sure ppl fully realize the fallout. E.g. I cannot microblog to my government or local school board b/c they use TWTR exclusively, w/the assumption everyone is on TWTR. And TWTR disallows me access, so a denial of #freespeech has manifested to some extent. Getting a phone# and giving it to Twitter, Inc. should not be a precondition to government comms.

@resist1984 I agree this is a problem. But this is an excellent use case for a crossposter. It's not realistic for the school to go off T cold turkey. Arguing for that is pissing into the wind. But if they can switch to a fediverse app as their daily driver, and use a crossposter to still get posts from users on T, that makes it much more likely to happen. It's a transitional strategy.
@Gina @sphinxc0re

@strypey @sphinxc0re @Gina Presumably crossposter tools limit all posts to the TWTR character limit. A tool designed to address the TWTR exclusivity problem would ideally compose the two posts side-by-side & make it practical to write more information in the #Mastodon post. TWTR users should see a shortened abstract & fewer posts as well, so the Mastodon data value is relatively higher.

@Gina @sphinxc0re @strypey in fact a good approach would be to xmit the #Mastodon/#GNUsocial post 1st, and then populate the TWTR buffer with just a pointer to the mastodon post - & in cases where the character limit is not exceeded the twtr post could be populated w/the msg as well.

@resist1984 the crossposter I use doesn't limit my Masto post length, and as a result, does show a shortened abstract on T, with a link to the full Masto post. I choose not to crosspost any posts with @mentions in them to T, so T followers only get the initial post, not any resulting discussion thread. They don't get any replies I make to other fediverse posts either.
@sphinxc0re @Gina

@resist1984 I look at it this way; crossposters allow people to focus their posting activity here, without losing the potential reach of the T audience. Promoting them as a transitional solution makes people more likely to come here, not less.
@Gina @sphinxc0re

@strypey @sphinxc0re @Gina if you truly condemn Twtr then I suggest this RMS article on how an org can use #Facebook w/minimal societal harm: Some of that advice can be adapted to #Twitter.

@resist1984 you're teaching Grandma to suck eggs a bit here. I was sending links to that page to the #CC #Aotearoa Project Lead about a decade ago to advise him on whether and how we engaged with FB for that project. My minimal engagement with T is very much is the spirit of the strategy RMS lays out in that essay.
@sphinxc0re @Gina

@strypey @resist1984 @sphinxc0re @Gina I've gone for a kind of middleground approach - I don't crosspost everything, but I follow some people on Twitter via my reader app, plenty of interesting people still there. To interact I reply to them there via Bridgy, and put my Mastodon/website in my bio/handle. Maybe I'll pique the interest of someone to check the Fediverse now and then, without feeding the beast too much.

@Gina you know, I'd rather count not folowers, but people that actually reply to your posts. These guys who actually not just read, but think about your post. They should be valued a lot more than followers.

Generally, I have about 20-30 persons, who actually respond to me, and I've really learnt a lot from their replies :)

@alexcleac true, I really appreciate the responsiveness of people here.

I agree, way less people here, but they are millions of times better to have around.

@Gina It's not really about follower count, it's about quality of interactions. I barely had any good interactions on Twitter. Here, I have a few every day.

And the quality of exchanges here has been heaps and bounds ahead of twitter. Never going back !

@Gina 300K Twitter followers = 299.99K bots and two actual humans. one of them hasn't logged in since 1948

@Gina funnily enough i have way more followers here than i ever had on twitter... :thounking:

congratulations! If we can say so... By the way I had more than 4000 followers on Google+ I do not know why and how...

@Gina Well....... I mostly agree, but it still depends. I'm on Twitter still, too, and I still see that, though the #fediverse is populated by a funny and kind crowd, there are types and groups of users I've never seen here so far, the community out here seems in some ways way more homogenous than the crowd on Twitter. Especially talking about photographers, (non-tech) writers, artists, ... .

@Gina I still have a Twitter account to which I auto-forward my toots. Mastodon has superseded Twitter already a long time ago in both, quality of interaction and follower count. Don't believe your coworker.

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