10+ huge solo projects, 40+ support tickets, 3 new apps that still need to be configured and an IT Plan that has to be finished today.

If anyone needs me, I'm hiding under my desk.

@Gina *sends lots of energy and positivity for you upcoming tasks*

@Gina That's a huge load of work for today ! Be strong, and don't forget that you'll have fun later.

😺 <-- cat tax

@chagratt Thanks, I really hope it'll get better soon.

@Gina Yeah !

Last time I had a situation like this, I had to run away to protect my health (or their lives ... :deadpool: ). I hope you won't encounter this kind of things.

@Gina don’t you mean inside the vowels of your sysop cave?

But really that a lot of work. Hope you do not need to do to much overtime for it all...

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