@Gina if you try it out please let me know how it goes 😊

@mig5 I think we may want to use if to publish information and guides for our partner organisations in countries where TOR is a necessity.

Edit: although it would be more useful for those organisations to host websites themselves.

@Gina hope they can! One of the goals of this feature was to make it super simple to do (compared to the traditional way of editing config files, proxying to backend webservers etc), so hopefully it’s also an option for less technical users (though fun for us sysadmins too 😊 you can run it in CLI mode for example)

I’m the other core dev (disclaimer goes here lol) so if you try it and anything doesn’t work as expected, lemme know ! I’m excited it popped up on your radar ✊🏻

@mig5 This is why I love Mastodon :) Thank you so much for your work on this, it really makes a difference in human rights activism.

@Gina we could encourage some of those organisations to host Tour exit nodes? That would be a step closer to “host it themselves”.

@bignose Unfortunately I don't think that these organisations have the technical and financial means to host Tor exit nodes.

@Gina yeah, and it might even be more pressure on already-pressured human rights orgs. Well, maybe some wealthy philanthropic orgs with good network connection?

That's not really answering the problem you raised though. Sorry :-/

@Gina that also makes it the most convenient way of quickly sharing a prototype without needing a domain or whatever. Pretty cool

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