Guys do you think I should sign us up for Fosdem'20 to talk about our /#FOSS adventure? Would anyone be interested in hearing about this IRL?

@Gina I would ! we need real-world stories where FOSS is used to help NGO/coops/activists do their stuff rather then by corporations to do their business

@Gina I think you should do this. Your #FLOSS adventures sounds really interesting.πŸ˜€

@Gina I would attend, if it's not too early in the morning :D

Yes. Absolutely yes! Spreading your experience for others to learn from is critical for the community..

@Gina Guys? That some sort of inclusive speech test? πŸ€” 😜

I appreciate any talk on this - not just at FOSDEM so yeah - go for it πŸ€“

@bekopharm Lol, you're right though πŸ˜… Cool, thanks!

@Gina for sure, especially if it helps people who have no clue understand it better.

@Gina As many others said, please apply! We need more experience reports from #FreeSoftware NGOs and businesses

@Gina Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to attend....but I think any and all cases of NPO/NGO's using Foss are a very worthwhile topic for any tech conference.

@Gina absolutely! At any free code conference you can afford to send people to. It's inspiring for developers and software freedom activists to hear abour how free code helps people do their work, and its helpful to get feedback on the joys and pain points of using the software in organizations. Also, you might want to let your supporters know you are eligible for this:

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