My dad and I are building a magic mirror tomorrow: "You do the smart stuff and I'll build the frame" he said. Guys omg my heart ❤️😭

Halfway there! I wonder if I should remove the black plastic outside of the screen or if that would break it.

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@Gina Ha! Nice! I've always wanted to build one, but I'd want it in my big bathroom mirror, which would require a lot of renovation work.

@ndegruchy @Gina
If you switch on the camera of your phone, and maybe the flash/light, you can look behind the mirror.

@ndegruchy ah you could do it all fancy, built-in. I'm not really sure where I'm going to hang it, first lets see if I can actually get it to work.

@Gina You made that awefully quickly! What is the display?

@Gina Sad to see Columbus day on your calendar when you aren't even in the US.

Is it just going to cycle through information or how do you plan on interacting with it?

@paulgatling in the beginning I'd like it to just cycle through info. (Dutch) weather, news, clock etc. In the very far future I'd like to try more complicated stuff, such as facial recognition or coupling it with Mycroft but that will probably take me forever.


Very cool! If you use your calendar heavily you could get it to talk to your caldav server to show upcoming stuff..

I like the facial recognition and voice assistant plans!

@Gina It won't break it, but the bezel hides some metal frame/components most probably, that you will have to hide some other way in your mirror frame.

@epilys hmm I'm gonna check tomorrow if there's a way to hide whatever is behind the black plastic frame behind a nice wooden frame without breaking stuff.

@rumblestillskin it was super easy, you just install Raspbian on a micro SD card, put it in your raspberry pi, and then download and run the magic mirror installer. Tomorrow I'll try installing and configuring some of their modules.

@mike @boblmartens followed some basic installation instructions on, but for the modules and frames I'll be winging it.

@Gina @mike @boblmartens
I've never even thought about a magic mirror. But it looks interesting.
So cool to do a project with your dad.

@Gina @mike @boblmartens
Where can I find info on the hardware side of things? All I could find through through the site is about the software side.
(I already have RPi's)

@FreePietje @mike @boblmartens no idea, I just pulled stuff from the magic mirror website and pulled a regular monitor apart.

The mirror sticker idea came from a Dutch forum (tweakers).

@Gina @mike @boblmartens Ok, thanks :) I thought it was some special(ized) screen.

@Gina that's awesome. This has been on my "to do" list for quite a while. Keep us posted on the progress. 😃

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