So I'm thinking about creating a series and am researching topics. Since we decided to go with on-prem servers, it's been a while since I looked into ethical hosting/VPS alternatives. Basically, if you're not using AWS/Azure/GCP servers, who are the ethical server providers you should turn to?

So far I have . Anyone else?

@Gina we, a small group of floss contributors, just launched Would have our first review and comments on how we can improve 😊

@rskikuli whoaa that's really cool, I'm definitely checking that out today!

Edit: quickly looked around a bit, love the UI and 'decentralized ftw.' Will dive in this afternoon.

@Gina many thanks for your kind words. We are still working on improving a lot of things, but working around the clock to make it better. Looking forward to your comments :)

@dirk @Gina thank you. We are just starting and and constructive feedback helps. Also positive words 😁

@Gina well they claim: and I'm with them for years. No idea tho. As for the ethical part: I blast my spare bogomips for :awesome:

@Gina I've been using DreamHost since 2001. They've grown from a small group of people with some racks to a pretty large company but have always tried to be honest, ethical and environmentally friendly. I believe they offer some services free to nonprofits as well. On the downside: they're US based and therefore subject to Murican federal law.

@andy they look nice, but I think that ethical probably means based outside of the US.

@letterus @hostsharing oh crap, now I have to pretend I totally paid attention at my German classes in high school.

@Gina @hostsharing Hrhr. Think, Google will do that for you. If you have any questions, just ask. I think the guys and girls from @hostsharing will be happy to answer them.

Sorry, there is no German translation. Please ask! We will try to help

As Johannes writes: @hostsharing is my favorite. If you're talking about #VPS, might be an alternative.


@peter vpsfree looks interesting as well. Also interesting to me: A czech association does English/international communication. In Germany we don't. Maybe we should change that…? @Gina @hostsharing

@letterus @peter @Gina @hostsharing is completely open to internationalisation, if someone pays for the resources to do the additional work and extra staff.


Yep, think that‘s the difference. We can afford being German only while some foreign companies and associations can not.

At least we think we can afford it.

@peter @hostsharing

@mgw @letterus @peter @Gina

Indeed we did some research some years ago. Sadly there are some major #legal and #fiscal obstacles. Evenmore the situation became worse when the "place of performance" from the perspective of #VAT (tax) was moved to the recipients' location in conjunction with #electronic services. Recently uncertainty related to international trade was assigned an infamous name: #brexit.

Currently we lack of knowledge, (wo)man power and funding. Supporters are welcome.

@paulgatling @Gina Yes we are! Unfortunately I am unable to see what was responded to.

It looks like global permissions on Gina's post do I don't know what the problem is but she was looking for #foss ethical hosting.

I've been with #Hetzner for a couple of months and am really happy so far.

@Gina I like as a shared host. They've got a pay-what-you-want with a minimum of 1€/mo business modell to enable even people or projects that are short on money to have a web presence. You get SSH access and a quite good wiki.

Support is excellent and they really try to make everything that's reasonable (e.g. doesn't need root, docker or similar) on a shared host possible.

And of course they're running on renewable energy.

Be aware the data hosted in the Netherlands might end up in the us or elsewhere depending on the owner of the datacenter.

@Gina Wanna +1 GreenHost, we're hosted with their shared hosting and happy. In terms of ethics they absolutely smash it.

WebArchitects are green and a coop.. too expensive for me though -

I have my personal VPS with cloudvault ( - run by the esteemed @mayel - but not currently taking new sign ups I think unfortunately

@Gina How do you define an ethical server provider? The closest I know to Greenhost is Datacenterlight in Switzerland:

I think it also depends on budget, backups, fallovers, snapshots, hands on technicians, 24/7 access,  iso certified dc's (when needed) and the fact they might use certain dc's that still belong to other parts of the world. Ethical might be nice too :-)

@Gina what about netcup based in Karlsruhe in Germany with their own datacenter. Also they have good prices

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