@cloudflarelink huh I didn't know that, why are some people not able to read it?

@Gina Fairphone uses a #walledgarden (CloudFlare) for its support pages. CF blocks #Tor users. A whole book could be written on the evils of CloudFlare, but to be brief I'll say it's quite ironic & bizarre that an ethics-focused project like Fairphone would jail any of their websites in CF.


@resist1984 @cloudflarelink wow I didn't know about this. I'll look into cloudflare a bit more, thanks for letting me know.

@Gina Does it work for the US? this phone looks good

@cavaliertusky @Gina Wired has an initial review but no mention of frequencies. They seem quite impressed by the supply chain improvements:


@Gina They talk about fairness and morality a lot, but still load it with the biggest spyware created in human history, Android. That doesn't quite add up to me.
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