In IT you can only fix a symptom issue a few times before you have to start looking for the underlying problem.

Looking at the concentration camps in the US and the landfills of dead boat migrants in the EU as symptom issues, shouldn't we start to address the underlying problem there?

It's borders. The whole idea that some people should live here and some people there, and that only a privileged few may move freely in between, is an ugly design problem that we need to fix.


Addressing these design problems depends on your view of a just society. For this I appreciate Rawls's Veil of Ignorance: imagine creating a just society, but not knowing what your future place in that society will be. You could end up as a rich person on the fortunate side of the border, or a poor person on the unfortunate side.

If the possibility of not winning the borders lottery makes you queasy, then you know that morality wise borders shouldn't be a thing anymore.

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