Unpopular opinion? 

The whole "pronouns" thing on people's profiles makes me cringe as well.

Unpopular opinion? 

@stevenroose yeah, me too. But each to their own, I guess.

@kev @stevenroose Yes indeed there is a big bad world out there, and people call me names every day just walking down the street.

So when going online to find a community, I do expect that community to be better than raw unmoderated public space where people can shout at me without major consequence.

I expect an online community that cares about inclusivity and moderates posts to create a safe space. Just like your Code of Conduct claims to that you do.

@kev @stevenroose So far that is what I have found with fosstodon, I have been happily lurking and reading about code and open source projects. Not engaging so much in discussion so far, but as such it has made me hopeful for the future. So I guess that your moderation efforts do work to some extent.

@kev @stevenroose But now knowing that my very existence here and my pronoun preference makes the main admin “cringe”. It for sure makes me question the values that this community is built upon.

That is not me being a special snowflake, that is me hoping to find a community where I will not be ridiculed for just existing. Being able to share in my passion of coding without having people hate on me for the way that I dress and act.

@exstral @kev @stevenroose dear, not every experience needs to be a shared one. If you and I find it important to have our pronounce presences on our profile, but someone else doesn't, who cares? Not everyone fights for the same causes, and that's ok. We don't all have to believe in the same things. Live and let live.

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