Ok, we're at the end of our first week of working with our new / IT environment. The mail server is done, everything looks well. I still get a lot of user support requests, but more in a general 'where can I find this and this' sense.

Our users now have access to email (Zimbra), files (Nextcloud + Collabora), chat (Rocketchat) and videoconferencing (Jitsi). We'll be adding more services soon, such as a wiki and kanban board. Finally a peaceful weekend :)

@Gina this is great! I'm trying to set up a cooperative offering the same kind of services, it's good to see others are already successful doing it :)

@Antanicus it wasn't without its battles, but totally satisfying to see it work now. If you have any questions let me know!

@Gina thank you, I definitely will! :) at the moment I'm in the "prototyping" phase: running docker images of Nextcloud on virtual machines, testing zfs pools, reverse proxy settings etc...

I only recently learned about libreoffice online, which I prefer to collabora as it has no user limit. I might give it a try too!

@timapple hi Tim, we have 50 users and about 10 volunteers.

@Gina Well i'm happy it appears to be a success. congrats

@Gina Wow, someone up as early as me... what time zone are you in? :)

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