So our entire organisation will use Linux Mint as of Monday. But.. we still have three Mac computers left from the days of us not having an IT department and users being able to demand whatever they felt 'necessary.'

What should I do with them? See if I can put Linux Mint on there or just leave them be and figure out how to manage them via Ansible? Is there any way to tie their authentication into FreeIPA?

@Gina call the inquisition on them, force conversion! Maybe some torture with the comfy chair for good measure.

@Gina I managed a lab of Linux boxen, but a few people insisted on Macs. So let's say the split was 8:2 Linux:Mac....the division of labour was reversed. Most of my time was spent trying to get the Macs to conform to the environment. It was frustrating and time-expensive.

Put Mint on those Macs and never look back.

@klaatu thanks for sharing. Do you have any experience with converting Macs to Linux? As in, do you think I can just install Mint on there without any issues?

@Gina If they're relatively new Macs (silver cases) then yes, it should probably be relatively easy. I imagine there could be some issues with wifi but Mint ought to be able to handle that. If I recall correctly, Ubuntu (so probably Mint) includes rEFIND ( to make the Mac boot process smooth.

Caveat: I avoid Mac hardware in general now, if management allows it. Haven't had to deal with them in 5 or 6 years by now, so my data is probably outdated.

@Gina Are they fairly modern 64bit Intel macs? If so, you should be able to see if that model number is well enough supported or not (Apple->About, maybe under the more info button? It'll list something like MacbookAir,XX or whatever).

@Gina If you can sell the Mac and with the money you recoup buy some new Linux friendly laptop (there are quite a few lenovo/dell ones).

In my experience, you'll need a mac server to do the mac administration and backup which means buying another mac or doing a hackingtosh VM.

If you are brave install Mint on those mac, more power to you

@kyzh yeah I'm thinking the same thing, selling them or putting Mint on them. I refuse to manage them as workstations. All our apps will be browser based anyway, so they can still work. It's a matter of speaking to one coworker who uses Photo$hop (what did the other two need expensive Macs for? Literally no reason), who has already said she's interested in learning about alternatives like Krita.

@Gina looks like you might be in a good place then.

@Gina We have a MacBook Air and a couple of MacBook Pros (all 2012-2013 models) that I have installed Fedora on. That is not Mint, but given how little issues I have had, it sounds promising. I did NOT use bootcamp. I wiped the systems and replaced with Fedora completely.

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