Shall we do another Friday? There are many free and/or software makers that deserve a shoutout.

This week I'd like to name Meet, a nice opensource videoconference tool, available via browser, on mobile and there's a desktop (Electron) app as well:

You can use Jitsi Meet or set up your own Jitsi server. The best part is that you don't need an account to create or join a conference.

Who would you like to boost for Friday?

@Gina I already shot out how amazing SuperTuxKart and its online mode is today, but I forgot to tag it. :tux:

@utf8equalsX Hmm didn't know that. What does that mean in this case? I've never paid for anything Jitsi related, does the company (8x8) behind Jitsi cover this?

@Gina It just means that it can't be built purely using free software, which is why it can't be on F-Droid. Jitsi contains e.g. Firebase and CrashLytics.

Have you tried , formerly called messenger? it might be useful for you. I personally haven't tried it for while

@LPS hadn't seen yet, thanks for the suggestion!

@Gina for my #nameandfame I nominate Xonotic, which is an amazing first person shooter in need of more developers

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