What IT project would you have more faith in? The one being worked on behind closed doors by a small group of unknown devs - or the one being openly worked on by an entire community of motivated developers?

This former dev that has worked on an infamously failed national IT project has her suspicions..

We need to government IT. Not just because of transparency reasons, but also because it leads to better results.

In your last paragraph you hit the nail on the head and that's one reason the @fsfe starts 'Public Money? Public Code!'.

The other reasons are

✅ Tax savings
✅ Collaboration
✅ Serving the public
✅ Fostering innovation

That's why I support the 'Public Money? Public Code!' campaign. 🙂

#FOSS #publicmoney #publiccode

@Gina It has nothing to do with the code. It is all about money and interests. Munich ran open source and suddenly switched to Microsoft products.

Microsoft is a mega corporation and won't let governments switch away from their products and services.

@mdbekhit Certainly, the political aspect comes before the whole development process.

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