Going for absolutely hasn't been cheaper for us than going for Msft's non-profit discount.

We value self-hosting, so we bought (refurbished) servers. We had to hire a befriended engineer to set up the platform , back-up, the provisioning, configuration management and to integrate everything with SSO + 2FA. We also have a small support contract with him because, well, imposter syndrome.

Going hasn''t been cheap, but hopefully sharing our knowledge will make it cheaper for others.

@Gina It always appear to be until you start doing it. The hidden little fees add up. But at least you have more control over your system and the warm feeling that you are running a more FOSS system.

@jordan31 @Gina Right, I think you might save money long-term in license fees

@Gargron @jordan31 With all the apps we're going to add, I hope for at least a break-even with cloud services.

@Gina You're not including privacy as a form of capital.

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