How many times a day you use a search engine (please RT).

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@amirouche By average I use it 50+ times per day. I'm a developer so searching things is an integral part of my work. :morty:


Thanks to chime in!

Yes me too. By the way, I found out sometime it is faster from a workflow perspective to lookup the documentation locally for instance man pages or in the case of Python using `pydoc collections.Counter.most_common`


More related to online search ux, the fact that query history is hidden somewhere and there is no way to gather all search queries under an activity tab is painful. Many times, I recall doing a search query about an activity, but can not recall the exact terms. Do you experience something similar?


@amirouche Exactly the same actually! I remember that there was a problem with my xmpp server and it took hours to find a solution online.
I recently had this issue again and knew that I looked it up before but wasn't able to recall what exactly did I ask the search engine. So it took several hours to find again :I

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