It’s done, I soldered and assembled my instance of the keyboard we designed and produced with @Kooda and @Reptifur :) Just a little thicker than a Typematrix but with low profile tactile clicky yummy kailh switches !


@Hiro Gorgeous! What is up with the speaker port? Can you connect a buzzer and let it do cool stuff? :D

@Ghosty the micro-controller is pretty versatile and powerful so yeah I’ll probably implement a small standalone 8-bit synthesizer in the firmware :3 also the black rectangle is a 10-pin extension port so they’re lots of possibilities, possibly a LCD or even software VGA or external storage! I’ll also try to see if it can be a password vault too!

@Hiro A password vault would be funny! Or even better: make it a FIDO device :D
How hard do you think would it be to implement some kind of serial protocol which allows the PC to change some configuration of the keeb (e.g. keymap and led stuff)?

I want to change the underglow color of my keeb on the fly without a reflash from my PC but with QMK it isn't possible right now, I believe.

@Ghosty You have crossed the limits of my current knowledge here, sorry! The current firmware is based on a LUFA demo program that was easy enough to modify but I don't understand how the library works yet! I plan to learn, though, as I would really like my keyboard to simultaneously identify as a MIDI device if possible. Also LUFA has a low-level API that seems to be more powerful.

As for the FIDO capability, well can't have password and 2FA in the same device, I'd have to choose!

@Hiro I wish many banks would think so too! All banks I've used so far allow the banking and tan app to be on the same device.

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