@tinfoil-hat Wie ist deine Erfahrung mit OpenBSD auf dem x230?

Hält der Akku länger als mit einer vergleichbaren Linux-Installation?

Ich habe ein mal BSD auf dem x220 ausprobiert und hatte Probleme mit dem Wlan.

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I find the book "A Dictionary Of Color Combinations" quite interesting.
It might help me to find decent color-schemes for my frontend stuff that I do :)


I'll start reading the Book "The Rust Programming Language" from No Starch Press today!

I'm really interested in how Rust works as I have some experience with C/Cpp.

I moved from Gentoo Linux back to Arch Linux.

Gentoo wasn't bad at all and a really good experience but it was definitely harder to maintain and I didn't have enough time/nerves for that. :)

I still recommend that you should try it out though!

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Thinking about starting a would anyone be interested?

I will be moving my laptop over to using Manjaro.

- It is rolling (has up-to-date packages)
- It's stable (enough)
- AUR makes my life easier
- It's easy to get it up and running
- Has an i3 community edition

All in all it makes my laptop easier to maintain.

But I will stick with Gentoo on my workstation though!

Yesterday I learned the basics of Blender.
It’s really funny to toy around with it!

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You know the modern web is broken when you visit a website and are greeted with this text:

"You need to enable JavaScript to run this app."

Since when is a website an "app" and why do we need JavaScript to display plain text? The web should be for everyone.

Germany is discussing DNS-level blocking of certain websites again 😒.
That’s ineffective and feels like censorship.

If there are illegal things on the web they should just target the providers.

Amazon's new game named "Crucible" runs out of the box using Proton on Linux!
We finally have the evidence that FPS MMOs can run on Linux through Proton with an anticheat enabled!

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Has anyone gotten package maintenance experience with Gentoo Linux and is willing to share it with me?

I'm interested in maintaining some abandoned packages in Gentoo's repos :gentoo_luv:

WSL now has DirectX support:

Sadly this isn't really a full DirectX driver but rather an interface where Linux can talk to the DirectX Windows driver.

Hi all! 👋
I moved my main account to fosstodon so that I can discover a new awesome corner of the fediverse.
Hope we will having a great time! :mastodon:


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