What is the difference between an EvanGTGelion and a GTGDAM? Find out about our new 0.6 release, available now on @FlatpakApps' Flathub for your convenience and immediate enjoyment! fortintam.com/blog/gtg-0-6-rel

To provide more time to fix some last minute translation issues (thanks to the reports in the bug tracker!), we are delaying the release of GTG 0.6 by a couple of days. The new target is between the middle and end of the 1st week of March if everything goes smoothly.

The "release candidate" version of GTG 0.6 is out there, and you can try it either from git or our beta flatpak version.

We're hoping to release the final version in a week or so. Translators, now is a really good time to be checking out the git version! fortintam.com/blog/gtg-0-6-rel

We are aiming to release GTG 0.6 this month. If you haven't tested out the git version recently, now would be a great time to do so and ensure there are no last minute issues we might have overlooked!

Good news for those who have been experiencing crashes with the @FlatpakApps version of GTG 0.5 lately: we have completed our investigation & coordination at github.com/getting-things-gnom and we are happy to tell you that a fixed GNOME 40 SDK has been published to Flathub today (thanks, @alatiera !)

You can now safely run "flatpak update" again and GTG should work fine.

Heads up! A Pango regression affects the @gnome Platform @flatpakappsnews runtime updates that occurred in recent days. You may need to revert the upgrade (or wait until a new update comes along) to avoid crashes in GTG and other apps. See github.com/getting-things-gnom for details.

🚨 We hope to publish a new release in the beginning of April 🚨

Now is your last chance to test the git version before this happens, or to provide updated (or new) translations if you want them to be part of the stable 0.5 release.

We might have just made search infinitely faster for hardcore GTG users. Preliminary tests show a 550% performance increase for a thousand tasks. Try out the current git version and let us know how it works for you! github.com/getting-things-gnom

🔥 @januz's new file format has been merged in the Git version of GTG! 🔥

If you have some time to spare this week-end, please test the dev version and report any remaining issues you may find related to data. This will become GTG 0.5 very soon...

See github.com/getting-things-gnom for the historical context of the branch that has been recently merged.

Well, look at that! We just crossed the 6000th commit in our code repository's master branch! 🎉 More are on the way.

"Emojis? In my tag list?!" 😳

👉 Try out @januz's 🔥 code that replaces raster images by emojis for 🆒🆕⚡️🐼 tag emblems in GTG, and let him know in this merge request if you find any issues: github.com/getting-things-gnom

Looking for thrills? 👻 Want to sync tasks to a mobile device?

Back up your data, try out this mysterious CalDAV synch backend for GTG, report undead bugs you may find—maybe you won't find any! We think code enchanteresse Mildred wrote pure magic 😎

Details here: github.com/getting-things-gnom

Nick at @thelinuxEXP did a nice review video of 0.4!

We'd like to mention that someone started developing CalDAV synchronization for GTG. We invite y'all to test & review that: github.com/getting-things-gnom

You can watch Nick's review here: youtube.com/watch?v=swioRb6MK8

We're seeing great activity around our development repository lately, including pull requests. Very encouraging! Keep it coming, folks!

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