@Bubu @switchingsocial yeah, they're better if using the hosted service rather than having their own

@geekgonecrazy @switchingsocial @Bubu Running an instance of GetTogether for a single group might be overkill, you can use the free gettogether.community for that

@7usr7local @nuron Okay, do NOT interact with the bot, it's broken and just DMs you the same comment every second in an invite loop.

@7usr7local @nuron I was not aware of that, no. It's not quite the same logo, and appears to be a Facebook bot that tries to pair you up with other people on Facebook.

@7usr7local @nuron As far as I know, gettogether.community is the only instance. Of course, people can run instances without us knowing, so there might be some community out there running their own.

We host on AWS, which isn't usually the cheapest option, but it still costs less than $30/month

@7usr7local @nuron You can host your own instance, in which case you just don't set a Google Analytics ID in your settings and it won't inject the tracking script.

Individually, on gettogether.community, you can enable the "Do Not Track" option and it won't use the analytics code nor any of the social media sharing button code for pages you view while logged in.

One year ago today, the first commit of GetTogether was made. Over the past year we've grown to serve 150+ teams and 400+ events!


Come join the GetTogether.Community today!

I'm not generally a fan of giant patches, but we landed a 2,100 line PR that makes it fully translatable! You can help make it available in your language here:


GetTogether is now setup on Travis and all tests are passing. That's a merry christmas present indeed!

It's Black Friday! Sign up today and get FREE event hosting! Or tomorrow. Or any day, really.

That's because your free hosting is covered by our generous patrons who keep this service online and available to everyone. Thanks to everyone who continues!

Just discovering @GetTogetherComm , a very nice open source event manager for local communities!


The intent was always to support federation, and there is some very basic event federation already using simple JSON feeds.

Fully ActivityPub support (needed to interoperate with Mastodon) is more complicated, and while the data export is working, we need contributors to help with the pub/sub part of the protocol.

There's an open issue for it here: github.com/GetTogetherComm/Get

@Zuph @wakest @socalledunitedstates You can create an event without a team/group, in that case it will be listed as "Hosted by" you as an individual.

We've hosted over 300 events since going live at the start of this year! Come and join us for your next

Tomorrow I'll be at Logan House Coffee Company for
Thursday Co-working! If you're in the Denver area, stop by and say hello. 😊 gettogether.community/events/3 #gettogether #dosr

@lufthans It looks like Google Places is served from maps.googleapis.com

Many have requested OSM, but nobody's volunteered to add it yet.

@deejoe @jd We are working on adding a feature for private groups and events, it should be there after the new year.

@lufthans IIRC, it's the Google Places API that brings in the venue name and other information.

@druonysus Here you go: gettogether.community/org/lops

Now you can create new teams under your org with the green "Add Team" button, of invite existing teams to join by going to that team's page and clicing the "Invite to Organization" button at the top of their page.

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