Don't want to save all your personal information on someone else's computer?
👀 'ing at you Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon...

Join us 7:30pm Thursday 15th October AEST for our next online meeting:

A show and tell about NextCloud

What's happening this Saturday 19th September?....

That's right SFM is hosting Software Freedom Day!!!

Free-Software is not just for programmers, but everyone in the community. See you there!

@lioh Yes, with the consent of the speakers, we will record each session. 📹

@lioh Thanks Lioh! mmm no it is not intentional, we'll go fix it 👍

We are excited to announce we are hosting Software Freedom Day on Saturday 19th September 2020 AEST!!

We have some outstanding speakers, Dr Morgan Leigh, @KathyReid , @Karlitschek from and @italovignoli @Michael_from_UK from @libreoffice

See you online!!

Software Freedom Day is an annual celebration of Free Software and here at Free Software Melbourne we are organising Software Freedom Day 2020 on Saturday 19th September.

Is there a burning issue in Free Software you'd like to present? A cool demo you'd like to show off? Or a tutorial guiding users on the use of a great Free Software package?

If so we'd love to get in touch to try and include you in this years line up! Just reply, dm or get in touch on the web:


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