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I can't help but feel like this is a good point in time to remind people that earlier this year I did a bunch of #FreeCAD livestreams where I designed some stuff I needed and explaining my steps and thought process along the way

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We need a volunteer to get v0.20 pushed to Debian unstable. Anyone?

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The "Configuration table" feature in @FreeCAD is so cool that I decided to make a small video showing it.
One file to rule them all!

Scuba Tank (by 'hhassey')

"I really ❤️ modeling in FC this scuba tank I did for post processing + rendering in
Using Sketcher in PartDesign is a pleasure"


coming down the pipeline: A new reader! Thanks to 'ageeye'/'gift' there is a big cleanup happening in FreeCAD's DXF reading (import only ATM) portion of the code. Our are awesome!

proposal thread:


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The process of extruding the pattern on the walls is in full swing.
Let's see what comes out of the printer:)
#FreeCAD #3dprinting

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Totally love it when a design idea works out. Case in point, a bunting mount for the bike trailer (Burley Flatbed). Got the idea, whipped it up in #FreeCAD Linkstage, printed, fitted, works. And the tube for the bunting rod makes a very satisfying plop when the rod is removed.

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@FreeCAD It's finished, PartDesign, Fasteners & FCGear WB were used. The model will be available in the FreeCAD-library.
I made a short video showing the parts:
#FreeCAD #MadeWithFreeCAD

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FreeCAD 0.20 release now supports section cutaways There have been quite few enhancements made in this release. FreeCAD is quite a comprehensive application, and some suggest if it is a bit daunting, it is also worth looking at Solvespace, which is also […]

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Testing #FreeCAD 0.20
First model with this version, I used the PartDesign, Gear and Fasteners WB. It took me almost 2 days making this.
I have 2 of these motors, a self-balancing 2 wheels robot maybe?


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📢 Official release (v0.20) is rescheduled for Monday June 13th. Technically the release will officially be tagged the night before but build packages will be built overnight + available the next day.

Here's the announcement:

Almost there!

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