This developer is working on bringing Direct Modeling functionality to

Learn how to add a to control your or . We create some neat code to create a small window with a start / stop button that can interrupt a timer.

Courtesy of 'jellysmash'

Trails Workbench -
WIP workbench developed to provide functionality specific to Transportation (road and rail) and /Survey engineering. Developers are Joel Graff and Hakan Seven.

forum thread:

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Of course it's ok! 😀 They're there, why not use them? But why not simply work in the Part workbench? In PartDesign, you'll have to create attachment offsets for each of your primitives. I find this a lot less flexible than working with sketches, plus I try to avoid doing math as much as possible. 😉Which is why PartDesign is my go-to workbench. But I've used sketch-based parametric CAD software for 20+ years, so I'm very comfortable with the process.

The great thing is, #FreeCAD gives you the choice of multiple different work flows. The caveat is, this can be overwhelming for new users.
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is it totally ok to design a Part in PartDesign using only additive/subtractive objects? I tried to do via padding but it was way more complicated than simply adding boxes and cylinders using the dimensions specified in my sketch

new features: Ability to use circle edge to select axis in Revolution/Groove and Helix in PartDesign. Thanks davidosterberg!

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As the #voron printer design is gpl licensed, you get to play around with every part of it, including the design. This is very useful while (re-)building the printer.

Here's a screenshot from #freecad from what I am trying to build.

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To start with CSG, you could go over the "Basic modeling tutorial" from the wiki linked in my previous reply. I wrote it 10 years ago, when Sketcher and PartDesign didn't even exist. 🙂

Of course nowadays, many people prefer video tutorials.
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Yes, polygonal modeling (Blender, 3DS Max) is a totally different paradigm than CAD. What's easy in polygonal modeling can be surprisingly difficult with CAD.

That said, using a CSG workflow in #FreeCAD's Part workbench should have a less steep learning curve than using the PartDesign workbench. Things get tricky if you try to mix both workbenches.
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My suggestion is to you start with something simple to get accustomed to the UI and the process. A common mistake many beginners make is to try to start with a complex project. It's easy to get frustrated and to lose motivation.

Do you have prior CAD experience? Sometimes, people with none seem to misevaluate the difficulty in modeling their projects. With CAD, some things that may appear easy to do aren't. Or are, but to experienced users.

Question for any folk out there..what is the setting we need to use in order to omit translated pages from our wiki search results?

Sure, the term your looking for here is 'Pocket'.

Watch DrVax explain it in this YT clip:
It's 17m18s clip, long but you'll grasp a lot of info that will help you with understanding other aspects of later.

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Finally finished up the CAM work to produce the last couple of parts. The frame is already manufactured and looking slick.

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That's impressive. I need to watch this again but on my desktop rather than my phone.

📣 Anyone interested in helping to make more visual impairment friendly? Forum discussion:

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FreeCAD is a free open source 3D parametric modeller, allowing you to design real life 3D objects. You can follow at:

➡️ @FreeCAD

It's available for Linux, Mac and Windows from the official site at

It can be used for all kinds of 3D design tasks such as 3D printing, technical drawing, architecture etc.

#FreeCAD #CAD #FOSS #3DPrinting #Design #Architecture #Libre #FLOSS #Productivity #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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