Is today the day you contribute something back to in the way of documentation, code, bug fixes, translations, teaching someone else how to use it, evangelizing, supporting a developer or (fill in the blank)?

Join us as we make /#CAM available for all to use!

Hey peeps, we want to know what you're working on using

How to use minkowsky sums in to accurately scale complex objects for adjustable fit clearance. Also may work for proportional scaling for shrinkage allowance in lost PLA casting.

realthunder author of the popular branch is giving a talk at Monday 15th. The topic: " on Steroids". Pls sign up even if you can't watch it live, as a gesture of gratitude for the efforts realthunder has made.

Folks are telling us they are confused about how to sign up.
1. Create an account on the Summit page. SIgn up is free
2. Browse
3. FInd @RealThunder12
's talk
4. Click the checkmark button

🆕 :freecad: added today:

"In this PR I want to add a new input mode to Helix. "Height-Turns-Growth". Motivation for this is that another PR by Chris_G that allows Helices and spirals to be created with the same underlying command."

"With this functionality the Helix tool is a perfect generalization of the revolution tool. And can be used to make as well revolutions, helices and flat spirals. "

Props to davidosterberg and Chris_G


:freecad: latest cool project: workbench being developed by David Carter AKA davesrocketshop will provide the ability for rocket enthusiast to build/assemble their own rockets. Lots of features are planned for this project.

forum thread that started it:


This developer is working on bringing Direct Modeling functionality to

Learn how to add a to control your or . We create some neat code to create a small window with a start / stop button that can interrupt a timer.

Courtesy of 'jellysmash'

Trails Workbench -
WIP workbench developed to provide functionality specific to Transportation (road and rail) and /Survey engineering. Developers are Joel Graff and Hakan Seven.

forum thread:

new features: Ability to use circle edge to select axis in Revolution/Groove and Helix in PartDesign. Thanks davidosterberg!

📣 Anyone interested in helping to make more visual impairment friendly? Forum discussion:

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