The community is building a cross-platform /#CAM/#FEA for all (with no skullduggery).

Skeptical? Then feel free to audit the source code for yourself.

Bonus: modify + send your fixes/enhancements. That's the beauty of .

Less greed, More autonomy.

We want to take a moment to appreciate those members of the community choosing to use latest dev/bleeding-edge version to help us test/confirm bugs + fixes.

These early adopters are CRUCIAL to the speed + quality of development. Demonstrating that coding isn't the primary contribution. Consider joining our small army of testers!

Obligatory: you'll need to adapt your workflow in order to anticipate catastrophic bugs ( rolling back to a stable version if necessary)

:blobthinkingeyes: Did u know 's kernel depends on OpenCasCade's code. Some core issues that folks encounter (w/ lofts, fillet, thickness etc) are somewhat rooted in this upstream code.

Wanna take a stab at fixing them? (Note: OCC has a complicated CLA)

Any v0.20 UI testers interested in testing out a new Theme/Preference-pack called 'Dracula'?

Instructions are in the this ticket:

Good , workbench lead developer (WandererFan) reporting on progress being made to tweak TechDraw speed.


Our friend + FEM workbench lead dev, Bernd Hahnebach, sends his regards. He's been on hiatus from hacking on due to the birth of his 2nd child! Congrats! 🥰

He hasn't fully disappeared, he still found time to manage the CI bot that tests FreeCAD PRs.

Thank you Bernd! 🙏 We miss you!

📢 Sketcher Only move one piece of B-spline when dragging.
Courtesy of jnxd/AjinkyaDahale
Still in review

We need a volunteer to get v0.20 pushed to Debian unstable. Anyone?

Scuba Tank (by 'hhassey')

"I really ❤️ modeling in FC this scuba tank I did for post processing + rendering in
Using Sketcher in PartDesign is a pleasure"


coming down the pipeline: A new reader! Thanks to 'ageeye'/'gift' there is a big cleanup happening in FreeCAD's DXF reading (import only ATM) portion of the code. Our are awesome!

proposal thread:


📢 Official release (v0.20) is rescheduled for Monday June 13th. Technically the release will officially be tagged the night before but build packages will be built overnight + available the next day.

Here's the announcement:

Almost there!

📢 Official release (v0.20) is this upcoming Friday! Now's the time to help us document + translate.

Remember that toponaming is NOT addressed in this release. The plan is to apply fixes in v0.21 release cycle. Any complaints will be relegated to /dev/null 😈

📢 We'd 🫀 to invite the community to help us modernize any older on the page. This is a way to 'pay it forward' + help usher in the next wave of users being introduced to FC (when we release v0.20) to have the most up-to-date workflow.

🤔 Not sure if other projects leveraging @qtproject
's localization software (lupdate) have had problems, but we've had our fair share. Hopefully this commit will make lives easier 🤞

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