The community is building a cross-platform /#CAM/#FEA for all (with no skullduggery).

Skeptical? Then feel free to audit the source code for yourself.

Bonus: modify + send your fixes/enhancements. That's the beauty of .

Less greed, More autonomy.

❓Want more autonomy while using important software in your /#CAM workflow ?

💡Then consider building/contributing to the software (:freecad:)that provides said autonomy!

Open issues:

:blobthinkingeyes: Did u know 's kernel depends on OpenCasCade's code. Some core issues that folks encounter (w/ lofts, fillet, thickness etc) are somewhat rooted in this upstream code.

Wanna take a stab at fixing them? (Note: OCC has a complicated CLA)

Scuba Tank (by 'hhassey')

"I really ❤️ modeling in FC this scuba tank I did for post processing + rendering in
Using Sketcher in PartDesign is a pleasure"


Animated steam locomotive modeled by 'bambuko'
"Started modelling it in the days of 0.19 and continued until now it is all in /#LinkDaily branch and uses Assembly 3."

Is today the day you contribute something back to in the way of documentation, code, bug fixes, translations, teaching someone else how to use it, evangelizing, supporting a developer or (fill in the blank)?

Join us as we make /#CAM available for all to use!


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