📢 Sketcher Only move one piece of B-spline when dragging.
Courtesy of jnxd/AjinkyaDahale
Still in review

We need a volunteer to get v0.20 pushed to Debian unstable. Anyone?

Scuba Tank (by 'hhassey')

"I really ❤️ modeling in FC this scuba tank I did for post processing + rendering in
Using Sketcher in PartDesign is a pleasure"

Thread: forum.freecad.org/viewtopic.ph

coming down the pipeline: A new reader! Thanks to 'ageeye'/'gift' there is a big cleanup happening in FreeCAD's DXF reading (import only ATM) portion of the code. Our are awesome!

proposal thread: forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic

PR: github.com/FreeCAD/FreeCAD/pul

Anyone interested in helping creating a wrapper layer over the FreeCAD Python API that further simplifies it? Check this project out:github.com/mnesarco/fcscript/i

Help us get (the CAD kernel FreeCAD utilizes) up]-to-date on all major software package repositories.

Do this by talking to the packagers of said repositories and asking how you can help make it happen. This is fundamentally beneficial to opensource projects like .


So apparently tracking runs just fine on . Reported by
kwahoo. Continues, "𝑅𝑒𝑎𝑙 𝑠𝑝𝑎𝑐𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑢𝑠𝑒 is possible now ;)"


potential collaboration between Fasteners Workbench and ThreadMaker tool (ISO and NPT thread body generator) that could land as a feature in the Fasteners WB.

Thread: forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic

"AnimationFreeCAD" workbench has been added to the Addon Manager 🎉🥳

Feel inclined to test ? (Note: it requires some 3rdparty python dependencies that the Addon Manager should be able to install). If you encounter any issues pls report to: github.com/QuentinTournier40/A

Fasteners workbench receives an update
which added NFE27-619 countersunk washer by github user "hpbmo". Thanks!


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