📢 We'd like to invite anyone that has forked FreeCAD over the years and added functionality for personal/commercial reasons to consider releasing your features/fixes under an open source license, so we could all potentially benefit from them together. Let us know if you have Qs 📢

@FreeCAD doesn't GPL mean that code must be free software? Except for addons i guess. Anyway people who would release their code as you said would probably like to see git hosted freecad independent from proprietary (github microsoft). For example on community server.

@Wrol feel free to raise this issue on the forum. There is a reason why the core devs chose to release FC under LGPLv2. FTR, FreeCAD is also hosted on gitlab and codeberg

@FreeCAD oh cool, my next step if i hadn't found link to repo on , was to click Community in menu. And there they were gitlab and codeberg

I thinl FreeCAD uses libraries that are incompatible with GPLv3

@Divert @cakrome @FreeCAD Using the GPLv3 license would be a nightmare. It’s been discussed many times over on the FreeCAD forum.

@FreeCAD if you wanna benefit all the people use a free license.


Very funny your request

Don't dream guys ... the looters are not likely to put in open when they have already looted you ;)

On the other hand it's also your fault !

Already that patents are plundered etc !

You are naive to have already chosen a too permissive license !

I've been telling free/open source people to do something different for a long time, but they never bother to at least listen to what we can propose otherwise...

Blame yourself ...

Have a good day


That's it! Instead of asking questions, you go back into your doghouse !

No wonder that free and opensource are being plundered, etc !

When you think that the same ones push the others to make their digital transition and that they themselves are unable to do it ...
it's really pitiful!

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