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Introducing our Release Candidate for 1.1, available for you to test with us. It's the final version before our official version launch, coming soon! Download the RC here:

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Gehäuse für einen alten Laptoplautsprecher mit mehr mechanischen als elektrischen Teilen🔧 👍


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@gbrnt wait, is that ? The default blue background is a telltale.

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Here's a first draft of the mouthpiece half - this should work ok. The other half with the sensor should be quite simple and can wait until tomorrow.

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@FreeCAD not very exciting ... but been testing LibreDWG support for opening some 2D DWG files.

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Working on a semi-technical add-on for my workstation console. Building a "card cage" for 3 plywood "cards", each of which is custom-designed to hold a part of the rig's cable plant... power supply for the monitor, USB hub, strain relief+egress.

The cards will slide in and out of the cage like removable disks. Decide on different gear down the road... just swap out the component mounts.

#studio #furniture #design #woodworking #cnc #freecad @FreeCAD #workstation #temple

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@FreeCAD This is great news! Maybe it's brain damage but I've come to see the practice of deliberately structuring dependencies in a model to work around this issue as good and hygienic. On the other hand, fewer new users will be turned off after being enraged at the inability to modify a sketch deep in the model without blowing it up and having to start over from scratch.

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One of my favorite parts of building a new piece with #freecad is working in the Path workbench to build all of the toolpaths to create the parts on the CNC machine.

Before FreeCAD, I worked with Fusion360. For the work I'm doing, I don't miss Fusion at all!

@FreeCAD #diy #cnc #woodworking #cad #opensource

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@FreeCAD I worked on a wooden trike concept, but never found the time to finish it or build a prototype.

I also made plans for a shack for children, which I built for real and they like it a lot :-)

In both projects, FreeCAD helped me visualize, and identify mistakes before building.

Great tool, even if not fully stable yet.

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Did a parametric construction of a machine cubicle and a compressor silencer box for a CNC milling machine.

Sorry, the project is not cleaned up yet ...

Hey peeps, we want to know what you're working on using

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* Sketcher Trim tool now doubles as a delete tool, if the geometry clicked on isn't intersected by other geometry. This is actually a request I had made to Abdullah, the Sketcher developer, a couple of years ago! 😀



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I just fired up daily (based on current 0.20 development) for the first time in weeks. There are already notable improvements that will make it hard for me to stick with the recently released 0.19.1! 😁

* The navigation cube now has visible edges. Previously it didn't, and it made it impossible to distinguish over a white or light background (my preference).
* Sketcher Trim tool now works on all sketch elements, including B-splines.


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0.20 Development

The Part Design workbench's Hole feature can now model a true thread. Both metric and UTS thread profiles are available, with detailed options. Very cool!

Beware that this makes the feature heavier and much longer to compute.

How to use minkowsky sums in to accurately scale complex objects for adjustable fit clearance. Also may work for proportional scaling for shrinkage allowance in lost PLA casting.

📢 We'd like to invite anyone that has forked FreeCAD over the years and added functionality for personal/commercial reasons to consider releasing your features/fixes under an open source license, so we could all potentially benefit from them together. Let us know if you have Qs 📢

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